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1. My creativity: I love love love music I’ve been singing all my life and learning how to play instruments as well. I also have written short stories, poems, and songs (SOMETIMES) as long as I can remember. I also have started to paint. I just really love creativity!!! I think it shows a person’s soul. 

2. My “look”: Well….. I am broke so I’ve never really been able to drag out my inner ascetics I will say I don’t do traditional matching and my hair is pretty boring too, (I’m transitioning so it either straight or curly), and I wear only lipstick and eyeliner occasionally. 

3. My taste in music: I can’t explain it.. It isn’t straight forward I will say that I’m kinda bourgeois when it comes to music becuase I hate music that sounds half assed. I like Electronic, I love R&B, I fucks with rap, and I also really like Indie and singer/songwriter… etc lol

4. My intuitive/understanding nature: I believe that I’m pretty understanding I have my intuitive is always turned too high so its always over shot.

5. My ability to adapt/grow: I adapt pretty fast but it takes a while for me to grow because I am very ditzy.

YEAH so I tag yooobeyonce wayblackwhen kayluvssuu and whoever else wants to do it!