i know that alycia amazed us as lexa, that she was the soul of the show; i miss her with my entire heart, but let’s not forget that there are other AMAZING actors and actresses in the 100 who work really hard and also deserve that recognition

  • eliza’s absolutely brilliant; she’s an amazing actress and a precious australian babe who’s adorkable. she loves her character so much and she’s so proud of her and of herself.
  • can we talk about lindsey’s outstanding performance? of course, she’s always exceptional, but those episodes when raven’s possesed by ALIE? OUTSTANDING; yet she has so little screen time and it makes so angry
  • and marie, oh my gosh. you can see all octavia’s emotions written all over her face, how excellent is that? she’s so fierce and mind-blowing
  • bob, my beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. i don’t like what the writers did to bellamy, but bob’s performance? a-m-a-z-i-n-g
  • and henry, devon, christopher, richard…

i just hate to see how underappreciated are they, when every single one of them do their job so incredibly; they all deserve the entire world