lindsey x stevie

//He came through the door quietly, the next morning, hoping no one had noticed. Him and Stevie were caught let night by Mick in the back room and it wasn’t looking very good for him. John knew he was doing his close friend wrong by sleeping with his kinda sorta ex-girlfriend, but Stevie was equal in these late night meetings. She wanted to see him just as much as he wanted her. He knew that if Lindsey ever found out, he’d lose his shit, but it was nothing John thought he couldn’t handle. He’d taken a few punches for women in his days, and that wasn’t what bothered him, he was afraid of what Mick must think of him now. Mick and John had been friends ever since he joined the band. How could he expect Mick to think of him, now that he knew he was sleeping with Lindsey’s girl? Not to mention, if Christine ever found out he’d be getting an earful. He knew it was wrong, but Lindsey was an asshole and he knew that Stevie deserved better than him. 

He walked quietly through the lobby to his basses and began tuning up, when he heard screaming and yelling arise from the room over.