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I’ve printed up a few of these beauties & they’re in the shop now at a special introductory price! This design is also available on guys & girls t-shirts.

Don’t forget all profits are donated to charities supporting returned servicemen & women.

Last Minute May Haul

 May ends tomorrow… and the great book ban begins. 

So I made a little detour on my way home from visiting my family today. Three cheers for Goodwill!

I felt a little guilty for spending more money on books but I think I came out the winner this time. I bought 10 books and my grandmother gave me an 11th.

Total spent: $11.62

Total cost of books based on original price: $101.90 (give or take)

The cover art for The Border Vixen is absolutely gorgeous. I accidentally bought a copy of Dead to the World when I already had one, opps! But it was only a dollar so meh. And the absolute best find of the day was:

WITH the original step back art. Brace yourselves, guys, because this is THE romance painting of legend.

*forever laughing into the distance*

I love this painting. It is SO over the top and for once the guy (Fabiooooooooo) is even MORE scantily clad than the heroine. Naked, in fact. 

Nice thighs, Fabio! 

A great day all around.