lindsey ridgeway

I want a complete Matthews siblings/family episode. Either Morgan would be fine, although it seems like most fans want to see Lily. Lindsey retired from acting. (Side note: Lindsay’s actually from my hometown. I haven’t seen her around but I digress…)

I want to see the whole family dynamic. We know Josh and Cory are close. Of course Cory and Eric are close. I can see Morgan and Josh being close. They were the only two left when Cory and Eric moved to NY. But then again, Morgan and Josh are at least 13 years apart. Josh probably sees her as this second mom type of sister who always wanted to be around her. Morgan probably was the one chasing around Josh because Amy and Alan were too tired and old to run (haha). I imagine that whenever they see each other, she pinches his cheeks and kisses him. But what about Eric and Josh? Eric had used Josh as his son to pick up girls back in BMW. They have a huge age gap!

I read the writers are planning a family reunion so I can’t wait to see them all together.

BTW, this is great casting.