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stupid voltron headcanon from my Discord chat with @kalicofox :“ SOmeone needs to write Pidge finding that. Like a whole fucking fan base for gladiator Shiro. They start making money by selling photos of Shiro working out” well here we are

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“The 100” Cast Plays “Most Likely: Apocalypse Edition” | E! Live from the Red Carpet

wow this is late but here are some highlights from the unity days panels

  • whenever the cast talks about Henry they always reference his hair lmao 
  • apparently they all call him “GQ Jesus” 
  • There was a question about Bellamy and Kane’s relationship in S4, to which Bob said they “both have a conversation about how good their hair is” 
  • Bob and Richard said there is murphamy happening “behind the scenes, for sure”
  • Sachin was asked about the reaction to Jackson taking the chip and he got really excited, saying that the “hate on twitter was amazing” and specifically mentioned that Tyra Banks gif where she screams WE TRUSTED YOU 
  • at one point Sachin put down his mic and said “I don’t need this! you can hear me!”
  • I forgot the context but Bob said at one point that he wanted to play the hulk
  • a girl that asked a question had either a murphy or murphamy shirt on and Richard asked where she got it, and she said redbubble, to which Richard said “I’m on the bubble!” 
  • someone asked about what they used for Ontari’s heart and Richard says “How much do you all like Llamas??” he was kidding tho guys lmao 
  • Eliza said that the S4 finale is “last year on crack”
  • also Chelsea crashed her panel and screamed “I LOVE YOU ELIZA”
  • this was the panel that Eliza did by herself because Lindsey was late from filming
  • Jo asked her a question about grieving L/exa and Eliza said something about L/exa being the love of her life, then Jessica Harmon walks on stage all offended saying “the love of your life??”
  • she was wearing a sass daddy shirt by the way
  • everytime someone asked a question about bellamy and clarke it was very clear that their co leader status and relationship will be back full force in S4
  • Eliza said she also felt separated from everyone last season, so this season “the gang is back together” XD
  • “babe, whoa”
  • during another panel Sachin, Katie, and Richard all walked into the stage singing “don’t stop believing” at the top of their lungs  
  • like,,,,, they really got into it
  • Sachin was knocking all the water bottles down during this omfg
  • Sachin also took a sip of water and spit it into Richard’s mouth??? then just says “he gets thirsty”
  • Chelsea opened up about her depression which was amazing because she hasn’t said anything like that before
  • Richard did a 10/10 Voldemort impression and it fueled me 
  • Sachin also impersonated Bob as Bellamy (he was actually pretty good??) he said (as Bellamy) “we are grounders”, and he said “Clarke” a bunch of times, and then “Clarke, we can’t go to Mount Weather…. because Mount Weather sucks”
  • Someone made a comment about how Clarke was the only one to have a full set of parents, and Bob said something like “at least you had a Dad” to which Eliza replied “you had one too! we just don’t know who he is” and the cast got a kick out of that. Bob just went “Aurora!”
  • at one point Richard said that Murphy may not like everyone, but there is a respect there because you have to respect someone who has lived this long
  • Katie was like,,,,, “I’m right here guys??” 
  • there were recurring “zombie Monroe” jokes 
  • I guess they cut a scene in S1 when Monroe walks past Jasper and gives him this super sleazy look
  • Katie and Eliza acted it out for us and it was hillarious
  • Sachin and Jarod kissed each other on the cheek
  • When asked about Bellamy and Miller’s relationship, Jarod said “we cool”
  • Chris said he doesn’t get a script, just makes up his own lines and does the scenes dressed in his own clothes
  • “Richard, want some hooch?” “ya”
  • when asked to give advice from their characters Jarod just huffed into the mic
  • someone asked if any of them had issues with their character’s choices and Richard just dropped the mic into Bob’s lap 
  • “Reese Puffs”
  • Sachin said the only thing they really do in makeup is shave his beard, which grows fast because he’s “ethnic”
  • Sachin kept crashing panels and yelling at everyone
  • He also asked a question during the women’s panel, something about if any of them were interested in dating a nice Indian doctor
  • Jessica’s reaction was to say “Does Jackson have a sister?”
  • This was actually brought up at the closing panel because a fan said something about the one child rule, and Sachin said in Bellamy’s voice “she’s under the floor”
  • They all made jokes about the chip and being “chipped”
  • Eliza came up with “chipped faced” and was so proud of herself
  • at one point Richard walked on stage wearing his managers high heels and refused to take them off
  • Lindsey said some really amazing stuff at the closing panel about representing people with disabilities and how she works really hard at it because the brace actually causes an imbalance in her body 
  • She also talked about what an amazing opportunity it was to play Raven because she would usually be given roles that were either the “slut or the mexican maid”
  • overall she talked about being a woman of color in both the industry and in the US right now with Trump being president 
  • “Fuck the glass ceiling and the glass slipper” 
  • She literally got a standing ovation for that I love her 
  • I’ll make another post about my personal interactions with everyone 
  • in short: unity days was amazing, it was so positive and truly unified, and fuck anyone who says other wise 

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