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1. nicknames: Phoenix, various cosplay-based nicknames

2. gender: Cis Girl

3. star sign: Libra

4. height: 5′7″

5. time: 3:56

6. birthday: Oct. 8 (this renders the star sign question a little unnecessary)

7. favourite band(s): Pentatonix, P!atD, Caravan Palace

8. favorite solo artist(s): Lindsey Stirling, Todrick Hall

9. song stuck in my head: nothing at the moment

10. last movie I watched: Uhhhhhhhh IDK about full movies. It’s been a while.

11. last show I watched: Hulu’s Runaways (IMO it’s Marvel’s best live-action property at the moment)

12. when did I create my blog: December 2013. The blog turned four years old about a week ago.

13. what do I post: Mostly fandom, cute animals, and social justice stuff. As a general rule, anything that crosses my dash that I enjoy, but most of the stuff on my dash falls into those categories.

14. last thing I googled: Himalayan Cats

15. do I have any other blogs: I run @incorrectyoungavengersquotes, am a participant on @fanficauthorsanonymous, and have some URLs saved for when I start publishing original fic. @phoenix-k-scriven-fiction doesn’t have any posts yet, mostly because I can’t get an icon anywhere (I’m hoping to commission one soon), but it’ll be seeing some action in the near future.

16. do I get asks: Yes, but not as often as more popular writers. I sometimes get them if I post ask memes.

17. why I chose my url: I’ve been using this username for my writing projectsl since middle school. It’s my brand.

18. following: 104

19. followers: 1395 (I try to cull pornbots every few weeks)

21. average hours of sleep: Six when I have work the next morning, ten when I don’t. I’m bad at forcing myself to get out of bed when I don’t have a driving motivation.

22. lucky number: 7

23. instruments: I used to play piano and cello

24. what am I wearing: Yoga pants, a WicDiv shirt (the black-and-white one with the twelve signs in a circle), and a zip-up hoodie. I am comfy.

26. dream job: Marketing Director in an entertainment company that targets a global audience. This is going to take a while to achieve, if I get close at all.

27. dream trip: I’ve been hoping to go to London since about fifth grade. More recently, Rio’s been added to the list. Tokyo used to be on there but, while I’d still love to go back, is no longer a dream since I actually lived there four a semester during study abroad.

28. favorite food: Changes by the week, but I’ve got a sincere love for my mom’s kiflice, very greasy pljeskavice/cevapi, ruska salata (it means Russian Salad but is not, in fact, Russian at all), and… yeah. Ramen.

29. nationality: Serbian-American

30. favorite season: Early fall, probably.

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High School (1/?)

Summary: It is alternate universe where Steve goes to the same high school as the reader but she is very shy and quiet while he is very popular. Lindsay is there to make reader’s life miserable. 

Pairings: AU!Steve Rogers x Reader 

Word Count: 1,940

Warnings: Angst, reader gets picked on a lot and she get’s called “retard”

A/N: This was requested by @ruby-rose789 and I’m sorry it’s two parts. It just got way too long and I didn’t want to drag it. Next part will be very fluffy, I promise and I recommend checking out, ‘A Little Princess’. It is amazing! 

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Y/N walked through the halls with her head down, trying to get to her locker without any problems. There were a lot of other people that made walking down the hall difficult for a person that is shy and quiet; like Y/N. It was ironic really, that the quiet people got more attention than the loud ones, well usually they got attention from others who hated them, like how Y/N got attention from Lindsey Montenegro. Lindsey Montenegro was the most popular girl in the school which happened mostly because her dad is the principal which makes everyone fear her and it also made her have power. Power to make everyone’s life miserable by picking on them, even if they’re doing nothing but breathing.

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The Lovely Ladies of the Mission Impossible Universe