lindsey filowitz

So glad.

To the left of me are first daters struggling to find something to say,
“so, are you a pizza fan?” - 
So glad I’m not them, I turn to 

the soccer jocks at my right, hanging at this hipster cafe, 
they could have gone to Bard and lived at 79 Broadway. 
So glad I’m not there, I listen as

above me Donovan fills my ears, 
again, I’m reminded of my 15-year-old-self
So glad I’m not her, I weigh down

below and stand grounded by my rust colored suede boots 
untouched for too many months to count
So glad I took them out, I continue to stare

in front of me at the screen that encompasses
thousands of intangible images and thoughts
all are mine and mine are them
So glad.