this is a really great video if you know lindsay and john

RIP Hayden Meier


Sundays are my favorite. Although the looming aniexty of the impending work week dances in my head all day, I’ve always reserved Sundays to do whatever the hell I want… as if you only have one day left to be creative then it’s back to the real world and real job and real life. This past Sunday my dear friend, Brannon picked me up for a photo adventure. Our journey took us to Narrows of the Harpeth, an abandoned mental hospital, a huge scrap metal recycling facility (that we got kicked out of for trespassing), and some railroad tracks. I took lots of photos at each spot but my favorite was the railroad tracks… Brannon’s wife and my dear friend, Renae is an amazing stylist at Lucy Pop Salon and had some practice heads in the car. Brannon sugguested we get them out and experiment with them. This is what shook out. I’ll post more adventure photos later……