Here’s the piece I worked on for the Light Grey Art Lab and their Great Personality exhibition that opened January 24th. 

The exhibition is based of the Myers-Briggs personality types, and the exhibition is also coupled with four interactive dating-sims including the characters and environments from the exhibition. My character, Conor, is in the first game now available on the lightgreyartgallery website. I’ll put some links below!

Thanks to lindsaynohl and the team at LGAL for bringing such cool artists together. It was a blast to get to work with them, and see the results of everyone’s hard work. <3




Here is a crop of another piece I did for the #lightgreyartlab #Iceland Residency exhibition! I decided to make a pair of patterns about the Icelandic foliage and how lush it is. This one is a drawing of what I think of when I think of the month of August there– bright greens, a mixture of different plants and mosses together. Take a look at the LGAL shop to see the full piece here:

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Sharing a process sketch for my #lightgreyartlab #cosmos piece. The constellation Mensa is named after Table Mountain in South Africa. It is said that the mountain pulls unsuspecting ships to their doom… Yikes! Im not surprised! Don’t all mountains lead people to their doom? 😬😰 besides that…! I’m really looking forward to the show this September!

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Tiny series of troll #paintings for @lightgreyartlab’s #Iceland Residency show! Originals available at :) Each one of these paintings shows a troll that got stuck out at sea when the sun came up! This is one of the many legends I love about the awesome formations off the coasts of Iceland!

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I am absolutely THRILLED to pieces that the amazing Jennifer Tolo Pierce asked me to participate in the new Design School Wisdom book published by Chronicle! So this year I was floored to realize that I have been teaching for 10 years at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. (Where I went to school!!) I’m really proud of all of my awesome students, what they’ve done over the years, and the community of amazing people that I’ve met while there! It’s been great being a teacher – one of the best things about it is helping people out wherever I can and trying to make the art world a little easier to access.

I am totally flattered that they’ve included me in this book and totally stand by everything I said! Hooray!!