This might be the best thing I’ve seen all week! Shout out to whoever made it!


Pugh is only 19. (Me: Ok and talent has no age) Christie is 41 years old. (Me: Ok and she’s still killing it) Lindsay skipped college. (Me: How many times are you going to say this?) Carli Lloyd, 2016 player of the year (Me: What did she do to deserve this in 2016?) The USWNT won the World Cup (Me: That was 2 years ago but we lost the olympics last year) Jill Ellis thinks.. (Me: I’m gone let you finish BUT Pia Sundhage was one of the BEST coaches of all time, all time *Kanye voice*)

–Just a few thoughts running through my head EVERY USWNT or NWSL game

But do the New England Patriots give up Tom Brady because he’s a veteran player that’s played with the same team for 16 years? No, and he’s a piece of shit.

Jill Ellis has no right, or would be stupid to say that veteran players are useless on the field and hurts the USWNT. We don’t want a full squad of Pinoe’s and Lloyd’s, but we can’t have a full squad of Horan’s and Pugh’s.