Lindsay: You know what scares me, Danny, is that you think you have to lie to me. I want you to know that no matter what happens, I’m here to stay. Nothing is ever going to change the way that I feel about you. And you know what? Ten percent? I’ll take it! That’s a chance; that’s hope!

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Lindsay: Wow. Okay. How weird was that? There’s no way that one of these could replace a real woman!

Flack: Oh I don’t know, Linds. They’re not bad looking. Think of all the money your guy could save on dinner.

Lindsay: A doll?! I mean, I could understand if you dumped me for a real woman but a piece of plastic?! What does she have that I don’t have, huh?

Flack:  Forgive my wife. She’s not well. (to Lindsay as the walk) I’m gonna get you for that, Monroe. Big-time.