In Brazil we have this word, “saudade”, which means the pain we feel for something we lost. And I think it’s the best word to describe CSI: NY.


{30 Days of CSI:NY} Day 20: Favorite Scene » The End of Dead Reckoning

This scene is just so beautiful. What makes it so powerful is how quiet it is. There’s no dialog, no cheesy song, no need to explain- just pure emotional reaction. The credit goes mostly to Anna Belknap and Carmine Giovinazzo. The look of joy on Anna’s face is what gets me every time and I love the way Carmine took the moment from peaceful to triumphant. Even the baby playing Lucy was absolutely on point with her knowing smile. And here’s a little pay off here for both characters. The entire time Danny was in a wheelchair Lindsay was pure optimism. But while she was looking after him she was also working full time and raising Lucy. Yet not once did Lindsay ever let her cheeriness fade. She had to be strong for Danny, for Lucy, even for herself. In this moment it’s all there on her face: pure relief. And all at once it’s clear just how much of a toll Danny’s injury had on her. On the other hand Danny had been less than optimistic about his chances of recovery up until this episode. But it’s clear that now Danny understands the pay off of Hawkes’s advice: pain is the price we pay for all the precious things. The look on Danny’s face here tells us that ultimately he realized that there might even be more precious things in his life than just being able to walk again. I’m not sure he’s ever been happier and it’s absolutely infectious. Every time I watch this scene I just feel something in my heart. There’s just such an emotional power to the moment. I was a little disappointed that Danny’s paralyzation storyline didn’t last longer. Especially considering how his storylines for season 4 and 5 carried out for the entire season. But this scene makes up for it. It’s moments like this that inspire my love for television.