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The music video we did for the mega-lovely duo Garfunkel and Oates came out today! I loved getting to work on something romantic! SWOON! We hope you guys will watch it and share if you enjoy it! Riki and Kate are wonderful, talented artists with hearts of gold; please check out their other songs! They’re hilarious!

Big thank you to Jones who did most of the backgrounds!!

Thanks everyone!

There is a show I need all of you to watch called Baman Piderman, and it is absolutely the best thing on the planet. It takes place in this weird dimension and the animation starts off pretty wacky, but it gradually gets better, and the storyline starts to shape up as more characters are added. It’s super cute.

Overall it’s a very unique and creative series with characters you’ll get emotionally invested in and with some very clever jokes and running gags. It may be hard to get into if you don’t “get” it immediately, but I guarantee you’ll start to like it as time goes by.

The entire series totals around an hour of time, since the episodes are about 30 seconds to 6 minutes long.

The youtube links I use whenever I rewatch the series:

The first 15 episodes

Season 2 opener (should have been included with above)

Episodes 16-24

Episode 25

So go!! What are you waiting for?


Rainbow Connections by Garfunkel and Oates

A song about gay weddings. Animation by Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera. Background art by Jones N. Wiedle.


It took me forever and a day but I finally got around to making gifs of some of my favorite animations from the Clarence episode, “Tuckered Boys.” Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera (Who also created Baman Piderman) were guest animators on this episode, and I think their work on it is both beautiful and visually stunning. These gifs really don’t do them much justice so I fully recommend seeing the episode for yourself if you haven’t already, it really is amazing.  


Featuring, like, two and a half minutes of wacky full animation by Alex and Lindsay Small-Butera (us aaaa)!!

We were delighted to get to animate so much of this episode in full, and had a wonderful time working with the awesome Clarence team. I did this spooky episode promo pic! Jeff are you ok. 

Monsterkind Guest Illustration #1: Lindsay Small-Butera

Looking for even more reasons to back the Monsterkind KickstarterHow about full-color guest illustrations from some extremely wonderful and talented people?

Lindsay is a super wonderful and superskilled friend of mine who has graced me with this beautiful illustration of Molly for my first book. She’s also one of the brilliant minds behind the Baman Piderman series that just recently Kickstarted a bunch of new episodes.

You can check out even more of her work HERE!

This is only one of SIX total guest illustrations that will be in the book! I’ll be previewing the other five before the Kickstarter is over, so be sure to check back, spread the word, and keep being awesome!

“What is this tomato”

-My Dad

Day 6- Draw your OTP with one wearing a shirt that says: “If found return to ______.” and the other wearing a shirt that says: “I’m ______.”  Well, I can’t seriously see them wearing these. So I’m not going to be serious.

Day 7- Draw your OTP on a holiday of your choice. My choice? Dyngus Day!

Day 8- Draw your OTP as animals. What, did you expect land animals? plus some of the other characters as fish!

Day 9- Draw your OTP with matching clothes.

Day 10- Draw your OTP meeting for the first time.

hahahaha this is fun

Baman Piderman by Lindsay Small and Alex Butera

Days 1-5

Days 11-15

Everyone forgets about MassArt

HELLOOOOOOO It is an amazing schoooooool. You should look into it, future artists! Not only does it have world class instructors, but it is also the only State funded art school in the country which means you’re getting world class knowledge for a lot less damage to your future bank account. Also pretty freaking cool people come out of MassArt:

Maya and Erin from Project Runway both attended the Fashion Design program (Erin also double majored in Fiber Art if I am remembering correctly off the top of my head)

Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera, best known for Baman Piderman but also for a recent episode of Adventure Time, Animation

Katya Zamolodchikova (need I really say more?), Studio for Interrelated Media

William Wegman (best known for photographs of his Weimaraners), Painting

There are many more but I’m very tired and would have to google names, this is off the top of my head.


Just go google the cool shit that comes out of MassArt and make one of those searches “MassArt SIM Big Show” because the Big Show is always really exciting.

End rant.


I did the music for this with my gob

Short by Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera