lindsay mound

An unusued illustration by Linsday Mound from issue #1: this was a set of lifelike plastic renditions of dumplings in the window of a Chinese restaurant down the road from Aoba, where Dave and I ate ramen.

There was some kind of challenge aspect to the pile on the left—if you ate the whole thing they’d take your picture and put it on the wall. The entrance way was plastered with Polaroids of bloated but happy guys who’d done the deed.

I have no idea what was up with the enormous dumpling on the right. I mean, I guess they serve something like it? The idea of a dumpling the size of a tourtiere is gross to me, but who knows! I’d try it if I had the chance to go back again. Better to be proven right than to wander wondering, even if it means having to try to eat a cinderblock-sized slab of steamed pig meat.