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so like….. billie says he was dating amanda from 91 to 94…. then he married 80 in 94… so…. smth is going on here…. we dnt know anything abt her…. & in 91 billie was kissin tre n tre said he had a bf named bill…. so like…. maybe….. tre is amanda…. n its a cover…. she doesnt exist….. theres no proof for her…… just my onion…..

lindsay rap verse
lindsay rap verse

so awhile back i decided that since lindsay doesnโ€™t have a verse in the ah rap i would write one and then yesterday i actually rapped it for some god forsaken reason.

listen as your own discretion, this is really, reallyย bad. iโ€™m an artist, not a musician.

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  • Michael: *gestures at Lindsay and whispers* Hey, hey, I was always about us as a team—
  • Lindsay: I figured, yeah, Team Jones, right, Team Jones.
  • Michael: So yeah. Remember when I was like, ‘Lindsay will you marry me?’ and [Geoff talking over Michael]
  • Lindsay: Was this before or after you sucked my dick?
  • Michael: *pauses to consider* After.
  • Lindsay: *to the camera* That’s how it works.
  • - Let's Play Magic the Gathering

Behind the scenes of The Waters of Mars (Part Seven)

Excerpts from the podcast commentary with David Tennant, Russell T Davies, and Julie Gardner

RTD: Now with the water. Hooray!
DT: The water closing in quite literally on this set, and of course nobody can be touched.  Not easy.
JG: Oh the amount of discussions at the tone meetings 
RTD: …and the amount of work Ed Thomas had to do - I mean, it’s a difficult set to build anyway, and it has to be waterproof… Health and safety - can you imagine the electrical cables, blah, blah blah.  And it really is pouring in here.
DT: Oh, absolutely.  And this all had to be filmed very chronologically because once things start getting wet, they were knackered! Because it’s wood - it warps.

JG:  David, was this your last quarry?
DT:  Noooooooo
JG:  When was your last, last, last?
DT:  Planet of the Ooood 
RTD:  The Ood quarry.  The Oodsphere
DT:  The planet of the Ood. Yeah
JG:  But you thought this was going to be your last quarry?
DT:  I think we all did.
RTD: I did!  I sent you a text.
DT & JG: Yeah / Exactly
RTD: “Hooray, your last quarry!”   …and then we all went, “Oh no.”
DT: “Oh no, it’s not”
JG: “False, false alarm”
RTD:  [laughing] We’re terrible

(Any transcription errors are mine)

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