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Do you think Deepika would work with Sid? I don't think he's talented enough, it would be a big downgrade for her lol

Uh… lmao

If Meryl Streep can do a movie with Lindsay Lohan, Deepika can do a movie with Sid. I guess he’s no Vin Diesel, but then again, she’s no Tabu either.

I just re-watched Lindsay Lohan’s The Parent Trap. In the middle of watching the movie, I suddenly thought about what if chanbaek were the parents? That would be nice to read…

And.. Abandoning the movie, I started to browse some chanbaek fanfics with parent trap au… Aaand google didn’t disappoint me.. I found it!!! Ahahaha… So, now I’m gonna read it… !

Here’s the story…. Decalcomanie by yuni3010

Six movies i’ll always watch…

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1. Grease

i watch this movie like 6 times a year at least, and i pretty much quote the entire movie. it’s timeless and so so perfect.

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2. Sweet Home Alabama

I am a sucker for exes getting back together. like that does it for me every time lol. every time it’s on tv, i watch it. it’s so precious.

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3. 10 Things I Hate About You

i don’t even need to explain this one lol

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4. The Outsiders.

I’m all about bad boys in leather jackets 😻

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5. Mean Girls

such a cult classic 😂 i quote this one all the time

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6. The Parent Trap

Lindsay Lohan’s best movie. like so good, i love it.

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