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Hembohero did an awesome split video of the announcement and the photos

How Do I Love Thee?

One morning Cas found it taped to the bathroom mirror:

I love thee with the passion put to use

In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.

I love thee with a love I seemed to lose

With my lost saints,–I love thee with the breath,

Smiles, tears, of all my life!–and, if God choose,

I shall but love thee better after death.

Later, at breakfast, he waved the paper at Dean. “Elizabeth Barrett Browning?” he asked.

“What?” protested Dean, ears pink. “I read. Not as much as you since you moved in here, but I read.”

“I like the poem,” Cas said. “And aside from the fact that you had no ‘childhood faith’, it fits, I think.”

“That’s not quite true,” Dean said quietly. “I didn’t believe in Chuck when I was a child, that’s true enough. But Mom taught me to believe in angels.” He looked up at Cas, grinning. “And yes, it fits. After all the crap we’ve done for him, Chuck had better give us a place together in heaven after we die!”

“I have hope,” said Cas.


A few days later, Cas found a sky blue scrap of paper on the passenger seat of the Impala:

He walks in beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies;

And all that’s best of dark and bright

Meet in his aspect and his eyes.

He smiled at Dean. “A bit liberal with the pronouns, but I like it.Tennyson.”

“I liked the part about the starry skies and the eyes. It made me think of you. And “all that’s best of dark and bright”? I couldn’t describe your wings better. So what if I changed it a bit…” Dean mumbled.

Cas leaned over to brush his lips against Dean’s cheek. “It’s perfect.”


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Okay but like Dean introducing Cas to all the different types of warm drinks. Like, not just coffee, but apple cider, tea, and hot cocoa 😄😜 ☕🍵

“Which one’s your favorite, Cas?” Dean asks.

Cas takes a sip of each drink down the line. Cider. Tea. Wassail. Hot cocoa. Coffee. 

He grins. “I can’t decide which one!”

Cas tries them in a different order, enjoying the way some of them leave aftertastes that bleed into his tastebuds for the next cup. 

Somewhere along the way, Dean ends up blindfolded, Cas feeding him his own “concoctions,” which Dean is pretty sure entail adding copious amounts of sugar cubes and whipped cream to each drink. 

“Mmmmm,” Dean nods, trying not to purse his lips when he downs the sugar concentrates. He peeks through the bottom of the blindfold where it isn’t as tight, so he can see the way Cas is staring at him with an excited grin. 

“I can’t decide which one I like better, either,” Dean says, pulling off the cloth. 

He pulls Cas in for a deep kiss. 

“Oh wait,” he says, then does it again. “Yep. I found my favorite flavor.”

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Cas likes to take Dean on dates where they get to do things that Dean missed out on in childhood. Playing at the park, making their own prom, catching fireflies, high school sporting events, DisneyWorld, etc

Dean takes another large bite of cotton candy, talking with his mouth full, gesturing. 

“Ov’ her, Cas!”

Cas smiles, ducking between a family waiting in line for the Matterhorn, holding on to his mickey mouse ears as he goes under the awning so they don’t fall off. 

Dean’s already handing his phone off to a passerby, pulling Cas in close to him so they can pose with Tinkerbell. 

“Dean, you have to stop eating to smile,” Cas laughs as Dean takes another bite. 

Nodding, Dean swallows quickly, both their smiles wide and genuine, even if the photographer can’t seem to get them to stop grinning at each other and look at the camera. He gives up and snaps a picture of the two do-eyed boyfriends oggling each other from either side of Tinkerbell with a laugh. 

“You know,” Cas says to her in all seriousness. “I have wings, too. Real ones.”

Tinkerbell crinkles her nose, looking amused, then gives Cas a kiss on the cheek. He’s about to continue when Dean laughs, pulling his boyfriend away. 

“Come on, Fabio,” Dean says, kissing him on the exact same spot on the cheek as Tink, before giving her a meaningful wink. “Time to see what a knock off ‘haunted mansion’ looks like. 

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Lindsay Mccutcheon’s Fan.tasia 

Released just this week, McCutcheon gives another definition of remix with their stunning and amazing visual trip in “Fan.tasia”. I feel the need to made a gifset, all inspired in it cause WHOA, they are awesome! 

You can watch their fantastic video here.

UPDATE: I noticed by the comments of that video, that the clip itself has been botlogged in other YouTube channels and Facebook pages. If there’s a problem with this gifset, please let me know. So I can deleted it. Also, it seems the author is a boy instead a girl. One apologize for that mistake.

Theater Impressions
by Wislawa Szymborska

For me a tragedy’s most important act is the sixth:
the resurrecting from the stage’s battlegrounds,
the adjusting of wigs, of robes,
the wrenching of knife from breast,
the removing of noose from neck,
the lining up among the living
to face the audience.

Bows solo and ensemble:
the white hand on the heart’s wound,
the curtsy of the lady suicide,
the nodding of the lopped-off head.

Bows in pairs:
fury extends an arm to meekness,
the victim looks blissfully into the hangman’s eyes,
the rebel bears no grudge as he walks beside the tyrant.

The trampling of eternity with the tip of a golden slipper.
The sweeping of morals away with the brim of a hat.
The incorrigible readiness to start afresh tomorrow.

The entry in a single file of those who died much earlier,
in the third, the fourth, or between the acts.
The miraculous return of those lost without a trace.
The thought that they’ve been waiting patiently backstage,
not taking off costumes,
not washing off makeup,
moves me more than the tragedy’s tirades.

But truly elevating is the lowering of the curtain,
and that which still can be glimpsed beneath it:
here one hand hastily reaches for a flower,
there a second snatches up a dropped sword.
Only then does a third, invisible,
perform its duty:
it clutches at my throat.

(Perfect poem found by the ever awesome shredsandpatches)

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Also don't forget how in GoF, when Sirius was talking to Harry in the fire, he was demonstrating SUPERB listening skills. Like the dude broke into a house and the owners could be back at any time and he needed to tell Harry lots of important stuff about Karkaroff and Moody BUT HE JUST LET HARRY TALK ABOUT RON AND HOW AWFUL IT WAS BECAUSE HE KNEW THAT HIS GODSON NEEDED HIM. I HAVE SOME ISSUES WITH YOU SIRIUS BUT YOU WERE A GREAT GODFATHER. ILY PADFOOT.

JK wrote all of her characters to be flawed. Characterization, I would argue, is one of her greatest strengths as a writer. So yes, Sirius was flawed, but I’m not sure why people equate that to him being a terrible godfather.

Was he a damaged person? Yes. Was his volatility made worse by being in his childhood home? Yes. Was he more reckless than he ought to have been? Yes. But don’t you dare say he was a terrible godfather. He did the best he could, and he loved Harry, and that’s what Harry remembered.

Maybe Harry did crave more of a father than maybe what Sirius could have been, and maybe the lines were sometimes blurred between son and brother from Sirius’s point of view, but they were blurred for Harry, too. Just, urgh, the care and concern with which he looks after Harry is insane:

“My scar hurt.”


“You don’t have to—“


“But really—“


And that’s how Harry knew he was gone, because Sirius would never keep Harry waiting, he would always do whatever he could to get to him, to help him, to protect him. He would break into a stranger’s house or drop to a knee in front of a sooty fireplace or hide in a cave for a year. Hell, he would say in the tortured home of his childhood if it meant being in a position to help and protect Harry.


In the end it doesn’t matter whether Sirius was a more a brother than a father to harry: his loss left a great gulf of sadness in Harry. It was completely devastating, no matter the label.

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Lindsay have you ever thought about how in bed sharing fics Dean and Cas always get to share a big bed, a bed that allows them to keep a space between them? What if there is only one room left but the bed is a single, like really small, there is no way to escape then

Those poor boys. They’d probably be miserable… 

Does anybody else miss Team NChick like crazy? I’m absolutely loving Loose Canon, but I miss how much of a team it used to be, with Lindsay and Nella and Lisa. I just want them to do like some kind of regular series again like Pumpktoberfest or BYOA.

Is anyone else feeling like swapping TGWTG memories from back in the day? I don’t get nostalgic and sentimental very often; this is rare.

More Chez fanart with two of my favorite ladies in the reviewing business, Lindsay Ellis AKA Nostalgia Chick (lindsayetumbls) and Nella (nellachronism), with their new series “Booze Your Own Adventure,” formerly known as “Fifty Shades of Green.” Feels weird drawing Lindsay without pigtails… Anyway, hope you guys like it.


This is not a tribute but a slamming. Besides Steve Page from Balena Productions, you think Berenstain Bears is promoting Nazi Germany. No, no, no, no, this website, Channel Awesome is more like Nazi Germany. Why you may ask? Well after I heard from Obscureus Lupa and Phelous with how his heads of that site treated them with them making money with their videos. And also how he’s been a hypocrite with his WTFU since he violated the flagging system of YouTube with anyone who uses his stuff to any context they want. Since he treats his website like a dictatorship. Never mind about the Holocaust in this situation. That has nothing to do with this. Though RIP to those that suffered, and RIP to those that have survived this and later died peacefully.