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Does anybody else miss Team NChick like crazy? I’m absolutely loving Loose Canon, but I miss how much of a team it used to be, with Lindsay and Nella and Lisa. I just want them to do like some kind of regular series again like Pumpktoberfest or BYOA.

Is anyone else feeling like swapping TGWTG memories from back in the day? I don’t get nostalgic and sentimental very often; this is rare.


Lindsay Mccutcheon’s Fan.tasia 

Released just this week, McCutcheon gives another definition of remix with their stunning and amazing visual trip in “Fan.tasia”. I feel the need to made a gifset, all inspired in it cause WHOA, they are awesome! 

You can watch their fantastic video here.

UPDATE: I noticed by the comments of that video, that the clip itself has been botlogged in other YouTube channels and Facebook pages. If there’s a problem with this gifset, please let me know. So I can deleted it. Also, it seems the author is a boy instead a girl. One apologize for that mistake.

More Chez fanart with two of my favorite ladies in the reviewing business, Lindsay Ellis AKA Nostalgia Chick (lindsayetumbls) and Nella (nellachronism), with their new series “Booze Your Own Adventure,” formerly known as “Fifty Shades of Green.” Feels weird drawing Lindsay without pigtails… Anyway, hope you guys like it.


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Also don't forget how in GoF, when Sirius was talking to Harry in the fire, he was demonstrating SUPERB listening skills. Like the dude broke into a house and the owners could be back at any time and he needed to tell Harry lots of important stuff about Karkaroff and Moody BUT HE JUST LET HARRY TALK ABOUT RON AND HOW AWFUL IT WAS BECAUSE HE KNEW THAT HIS GODSON NEEDED HIM. I HAVE SOME ISSUES WITH YOU SIRIUS BUT YOU WERE A GREAT GODFATHER. ILY PADFOOT.

JK wrote all of her characters to be flawed. Characterization, I would argue, is one of her greatest strengths as a writer. So yes, Sirius was flawed, but I’m not sure why people equate that to him being a terrible godfather.

Was he a damaged person? Yes. Was his volatility made worse by being in his childhood home? Yes. Was he more reckless than he ought to have been? Yes. But don’t you dare say he was a terrible godfather. He did the best he could, and he loved Harry, and that’s what Harry remembered.

Maybe Harry did crave more of a father than maybe what Sirius could have been, and maybe the lines were sometimes blurred between son and brother from Sirius’s point of view, but they were blurred for Harry, too. Just, urgh, the care and concern with which he looks after Harry is insane:

“My scar hurt.”


“You don’t have to—“


“But really—“


And that’s how Harry knew he was gone, because Sirius would never keep Harry waiting, he would always do whatever he could to get to him, to help him, to protect him. He would break into a stranger’s house or drop to a knee in front of a sooty fireplace or hide in a cave for a year. Hell, he would say in the tortured home of his childhood if it meant being in a position to help and protect Harry.


In the end it doesn’t matter whether Sirius was a more a brother than a father to harry: his loss left a great gulf of sadness in Harry. It was completely devastating, no matter the label.

This is not a tribute but a slamming. Besides Steve Page from Balena Productions, you think Berenstain Bears is promoting Nazi Germany. No, no, no, no, this website, Channel Awesome is more like Nazi Germany. Why you may ask? Well after I heard from Obscureus Lupa and Phelous with how his heads of that site treated them with them making money with their videos. And also how he’s been a hypocrite with his WTFU since he violated the flagging system of YouTube with anyone who uses his stuff to any context they want. Since he treats his website like a dictatorship. Never mind about the Holocaust in this situation. That has nothing to do with this. Though RIP to those that suffered, and RIP to those that have survived this and later died peacefully.

This week on I'M ALWAYS A SLUT FOR ...: AH Avengers Headcannons

Ryan starring as beautiful (almost) blonde cinnamon roll Captain America. He’s adorable, clueless but a total badass. The waist/shoulder ratio is too perfect.

Jack is the mellowest nicest guy you’ll ever meet. Until something really ticks him off… then you’ll meet a whole new side of him. Jack, beautiful ginger cinnamon roll staring as Bruce Banner / The Incredible Hulk.

Geoff Ramsey, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. You see where this is going… he’s rich but he wants to make a difference, so he builds a suit of armour and becomes The Iron Man. Still, he’s a snarky asshole. Griffon (Starring as: Pepper Potts) usually keeps him in check. He and Jack are the ultimate brOTP

Lindsay; badass redhead ready to kick ass at any moment. She can rock an all black outfit and crush a mans head between her thighs. Also, she loves cats and speaks Russian. After being sent in to keep an eye on Geoff for a few months, she’s officially signed up for the Avengers Initiative (starring as: Achievement Hunter). Fiercely loyal to Roosterteeth (starring as: Shield)

Ray starring as Hawkeye, socially inept badass with terrible eyesight somehow becomes greatest archer known to man?? He’s laid back as fuck and prefers his own space, him and Lindsay have been partners for years. She understands how he works, his humour and his snark. He doesn’t think he plays well with others, but once the Avengers Initiative/ Achievement Hunter starts up, he starts to realise that maybe being in a team is more fun than going solo.

Michael isn’t of this world, and his rage controls the thunder in the sky. Michael Jones as Daddy’s favourite son, Thor. He’s got a hammer that he’s always eager to bash his “brother”’s brains in with and a sharp sense of humour. His first trip to earth leaves him enchanted with the place, and gives him itchy feet. The Avengers Initiative/ Achievement Hunter is eventually enough to convince him to make the migration to Migard, permanently.

Gavin Free is an asshole. Michael isn’t really his brother, but that doesn’t stop Gavin from feeling jealous of him and constantly wanting to fuck with him. Still, one day he pushes Michaels buttons too far and ends up in deep trouble. he’s just misunderstood and he wants to be loved. After his brief “I-Want-To-Take-Over-The-Earth” stint, he bonds with Geoff, who thinks he’s alright. He makes up with Michael, and promises to do a little good. Gavin Free, staring as precious misunderstood child, Loki.

“Shield” is Roosterteeth. Gus as Nick Fury, maybe Barbara as Maria Hill. Burnie could totally be Phil Coulson.

or …

…consider my altered Headcannon Avengers universe that I will never write (because honestly it is so overdone and also I can never decide on my Headcannons)

Gavin Free as asshole cocky rich kid Tony Stark who likes to parade around in his suit of armour, however after some mild trauma and character development, learns to become a badass all by himself. Also, he loves to annoy and tease Michael and watch thunder crack in the sky.

Kdin as Loki (come on guys he’s Michael’s brother, right?) Evil snarky adorable lil Kdin, ready to fuck the world up for his own personal gain.

Geoff Ramsey as Nick Fury, head of AH (or The Avengers Initiative) hard ass who doesn’t take anyone’s shit, and is always ready to fight.

Lindsay as Maria Hill? Geoff’s right hand lady, gets shit done, keeps the others in check. Arguably one of the most important parts of Achievement Hunter/The Avengers even if she doesn’t get enough credit!

also in both versions of this AU Captain America is smitten with the spy in the sky who sneaks around balconies with his arrows on his back and does everything he can to impress him until eventually, one day Lindsay(Black Widow OR Maria Hill idk) points out to Ray that Ryan is actually flirting with him, and Ray immediately falls head over heels.

Lmao I’m such trash.