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Chris Evans Talks Fatherhood, Says He ''Wants to Be a Daddy Someday''
Captain America star is already an uncle a lot of little nieces and nephews

Watching Chris Evans in his new movie Gifted, one can’t help to think of what he’ll be like when he has his own kids.

In the Fox Searchlight film, the Captain America star plays a boat mechanic raising his six-year-old math prodigy niece (Mckenna Grace) when his overbearing mother (Sherlock’s Lindsay Duncan) takes him to court to gain custody of the young child.

At one point, Evans breaks down in tears.


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i meant to send this days ago congrats on 800 babes, i have a hc request for kevin/renee brotp because they're my children and a rarepair thank you and goodbye hope youve had pasta recently

oh my,, god,, lindsay this is perfect i love you thank you i’m so excited oh this is gonna be soft as hell

  • renee likes the quiet. she loves her teammates, she really does, but she finds value in quiet moments. in stillness. 
  • kevin feels like the world is always moving at mach 5, like he’s pushing himself to 200% to keep up. 
  • when the dorms are too loud, and taking a walk just isnt enough to calm restless hands or skin that feels too tight, they both end up at the library. 
  • neither of them know the other does this for years. after all, they don’t always need the quiet solace between shelves at the same time, and they hardly go to the same sections.
  • but one day kevin is deep in some random tome he found on a dusty old shelf on the 5th floor history section when renee comes around the corner
  • it’s a little awkward at first, but kevin recognizes the slight shift in her he sometimes sees in andrew, or in neil, so he simply turns back to his book, and leaves her to find her own.
  • renee has never considered herself close to kevin, has mostly watched him from afar and entrusted him to andrew, but in that moment, she sees why andrew made that deal with him. she sees that kevin may be harsh and insulting at times, but he’s far more perceptive than he lets on.
  • and kevin may be perceptive at times, but he’s still a bit stunted when it comes to making friends. so when renee begins to actually ask him if he wants to go to the library with her, he’s confused. but he goes anyway because while being alone is nice sometimes, sometimes its nice to be alone and quiet with someone else’s steady presence nearby, because then being alone doesnt fell lonely
  • their friendship is a quiet one, built on quiet hours at study tables in the library, and exchanging slightly exasperated glances when their friends are being particularly loud or attracting attention
    • renee is very attentive as a person and friend. she starts picking up kevins favorite tea (or smoothie, in the hotter months) at a campus cafe when she’s coming back from her morning classes to eat and get a head start on any assignments. she catches him in the hallway as he heads out for his afternoon lectures, and hands him the drink with a smile
    • kevin, of course, doesnt really know how to handle casual gifts from friends so of course he’s like ????
    • but kevin “gotta whole ass everything ever” day wants to try, because he really appreciates what renee is doing, so he starts making extra food when he makes lunch and leaves a plate with a sticky note on the counter with dan before he leaves and runs into renee in the hallway as usual
  • renee brings her religious theory readings to kevin to ask him about different historical events she can use to back up her essay points and kevin just gets so excited that she just lets him rant on and on even when he’s given her plenty of information
  • kevin sends renee really funny snaps that are just videos of his face, blank of expression, with people acting dumb in the background. he manages to pass the weirdest stuff on campus and always gets it on video for renee and she thinks theyre absolutely hilarious
    • in return she sends him history memes. never thought you’d see kevin day snort-laugh but the first time he gets a meme about the inquisition he almost falls out of his chair
  • renee is low key really funny? like sometimes she’ll say things under her breath and whoever is standing next to her will catch her clever comment, and more and more often that person is kevin
  • when kevin is anxious and looking for a drink to drown his feelings in, renee will drag him out on a walk if he can’t sit still, and other times she’ll simply sit next to him with a hand on his knee, keeping him grounded, asking questions in a low voice to draw him out of his memories
  • when renee gets that cold edge that slices through her typically calm, welcoming exterior, kevin will complain loudly about how andrew and neil arent around for extra practice so that she’ll offer to go with him and it won’t feel like everyone can see her cracks showing
  • they have a hand shake. they just do. i don’t make the rules ok
  • renee sometimes has to reign in kevin’s competitive spirit since nearly everyone else eggs him on
    • kevin: i’m going to destroy him. he’s gonna wish he was never born. i’m going to beat him, and then i’ll beat him again. this cannot stand. i won’t let it.
    • renee: kevin it was just connect four and nicky beat you because you were drunk
    • kevin: this cannot stand.
    • renee: ….uh huh. drink your smoothie.
  • after his years in the nest, kevin doesn’t like to be alone. he doesn’t necessarily like a lot of people around, but being alone feels like he’s off kilter, and it probably will for years. with so many people though, it feels like he owes them something. like there’s an expectation he has to be aware of meeting at all times. with renee, it’s not like that. renee values him from his skills on the court to his ability to go on for four hours non stop on the effects of colonialism. kevin doesnt feel like Kevin Day™, exy star, world champion, media golden boy. he just feels like kevin. 
  • renee sometimes feels like she doesn’t deserve the life she’s made for herself at palmetto. though most days she believes in and loves her god 100%, sometimes the memories sneak up on her and she feels her faith in herself, in her god’s forgiveness, wither. but kevin is relentless. he is the most determined and passionate person renee has ever met. and though his words always come out better when pointing out flaws in technique, his little acts of kindness help her on her worst days, especially because he doesn’t even sees it as a gift to her. he sees every kindness given to renee as something she wholeheartedly deserves, and has zero tolerance of any suggestion otherwise.
  • kevin’s sometimes overexcited reactions are balmed by renee’s steady calm. renee’s fractures are held together by kevin’s perseverance. they balance each other out.

Allison Jamaica Reynolds

She looked like a picture-perfect princess, but she could brawl with the best of them on the court. She refused to bend to others’ expectations of her and could be honest to the point of cruelty.


Some of David Dawson’s theatre roles

Smike in Nickolas Nickleby, 2008 production directed by Johnatan Church and Phillip Franks, Chichester Fest Theatre, West End

Romeo Montague in Romeo and Juliet, 2009 production directed by Neil Bartlett, Royal Shakespeare Company

Gethin Price in Comedians, 2009 production directed by Seaon Holmes, Lyric Hammersmith Theatre

Hugo Fraser Tyrwhitt in Posh, 2010 production directed by Lindsay Turner, Royal Court

Nicky Lancaster in The Vortex, 2013 production directed by Stephen Unwin, Rose Theatre, Kingston

prompt: “I love you. I’m completely and utterly in love with you. Please don’t get married.”

For @armadil-lauren who is probably the most generous person i know <3

Michael’s heart is pounding as he knocks on the heavy wooden door. He’s so nervous, so desperate to do this, that he doesn’t wait for an answer before he pushes it open anyway and enters.

Across the room, Gavin looks up, and when he notices Michael his eyes widen and his mouth opens into a startled little o.

“Michael?” he asks, dropping the quill he was writing with and rising. He’s not wearing his regal finery, not like he will to the wedding tomorrow. Just a simple, loose shirt. In the dim light of the moon spilling through the window and the candles on his desk, he looks fragile and young, not much like a prince at all - beautiful in his simplicity, with his familiar too-big nose and scruffy hair. Even though he’s so anxious his hands are shaking, Michael can’t help but smile at seeing him again for the first time in weeks. Gavin might be quieter, more reserved - not like his sister Lindsay, the rose of the state, clearly set up to inherit the crown from Geoff eventually - but there’s something special about him anyway, something Michael’s always seen, since they were boys.

He’s been away too long.

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