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Mains Castle, Scotland

Mains Castle built by the Lindsays, dates from around the late 15th or early 16th century and is located about 1.5 miles north of East Kilbride, Lanarkshire.

The property (before the castle was built) belonged to the powerful Comyn family but later came into the possession of John Lindsay of Dunrod. He was the son of James Lindsay, who in 1306 with Kirkpatrick of Closeburn, ran into the church of the Minorities at Dumfries, after Robert the Bruce had stabbed the Red Comyn, declaring that they would ‘mak siccar’ (in other words, to finish the job and make sure that Comyn would indeed die).

This family of Lindsays grew very powerful, but had a reputation for cruelty. The last of the line seems to have been the most vicious.  Legend has it that after an argument on a frozen loch during a curling match with one of his vassals, Lindsay ordered a hole to be cut in the ice and had the unfortunate man pushed into it. The loch, Crawford’s Hole, was allegedly named after Lindsay’s victim.  Lindsay eventually lost his wealth and supposedly died in a barn belonging to one of his former tenants.


We’re gender bending this so that all the roles are of different gender, not cross dressing. (although that would be entertaining)

Ok, but lets talk about this a minute:

  • Kelli O'Hara vs Sutton Foster: c'mon who doesn’t want to see these two belt it out?!?! (vocally) The whole thing would be a diva face off.
  • Santeens singing I Dreamed a Dream? Epic. And then dying in Kelli’s arms? Amazing.
  • Aaron as Cosette. While Cosette isn’t the weak flower she appears to be, Aaron would be hilarious in this role. Total pretty boy status. (Vocally, I’m not sure his range is there but I don’t care)
  • Ramin being a total sass master. I need this. Also, married to Lesli. EVEN BETTER
  • JGroff singing On My Own? EPIC.
  • I have decided that we need a full out scene of Eponine dying in Marius arms on this one. IMAGINE IT WITH ME NOW: JGroff dying in Laura’s arms. I NEED THIS MORE THAN OXYGEN, folks. They need to do this.
  • Ok, but Laura singing Empty Chairs?!?!? That would be amazing.
  • Kara leading the pack while having flawless hair and being amazing. Yep.
  • Also, Lilla being a sassy street urchin.
  • Kelli and Aaron. I need this mother/son duo. STAT.
  • The love triangle between Laura/Aaron/JGroff? Legendary.

I could think of anyone to cast as Young Cosette… I’m thinking very Oliver in Oliver, but didn’t know who could pull that off.

I would sell both my kidneys to see this.