lindsay art

A time-lapse (of sorts) from social media posts of the lovely @lindsayjones​ and her fabulous family; congratulations and best wishes!

(If this causes discomfort or anything remotely similar to any member(s) of the family, just let me know and I will readily take it down)


I was LITERALLY in the middle of typing out the text post you see on the left, when I got the text on the right from an old poet friend of mine. I immediately burst into tears obvs. Sometimes the universe realizes you’re tired to the bone, and it sends Dan Roman to let you know you gon be alright 🌻


Rachel Lindsay will reportedly be the first-ever black ‘Bachelorette’

  • Rachel Lindsay will be the first black lead of any show in The Bachelor franchise, taking the helm of the next Bachelorette season. 
  • Entertainment Weekly and the Hollywood Reporter are independently reporting the news, but Bachelor blogger Reality Steve reported it first.
  • Lindsay, a lawyer who received current Bachelor Nick Viall’s first impression rose, is in the top six of the ongoing Bachelor season. 
  • She breaks a 33-season-long streak of whiteness among the leads of both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Read more (2/13/17 8 PM)

k so i made this for @officialah‘s fanart contest on the discord and MAY have like Just finished by the deadline so i rushed it a lot so its not nearly as good as id like it to be, but take it anyway because there was absolutely no way i wasnt gonna do art of this lets play i mean come on its a maximum ride au wet dream

Let’s Play - Snipper Clips

i love when they seem to have as much fun playing as we have watching them<3 can’t wait for more of this game!

Bitches Ain’t Nothin’

This was an insanely fun piece to do. Inspired by the one and only @lindsayjones  of @officialah fame and her maybe but not quite mantra “Bitches Ain’t Shit”. The drawing doesn’t have the word “shit” in it because it would create an awkward space. I’m not a fan of awkward spaces. I think it’ll go great with the Mogar drawing as a pair when I finally get them printed and mailed out. Real size will be 20″x30″. Enjoy!