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Another Ride - Chapter 10: Quickstep

Chapter 9

They were good at the studio the rest of the day. They did their best to act as normal as possible. They had decided that morning as they ate breakfast that they wanted to keep it to themselves as long as they could.

“You do know that everyone basically already knows, right?” James pointed out.

“They don’t know everything.”

James gave her a look. “I heard you told Cheryl ages ago that you thought I was irresistible.”

“I definitely did not use the word ‘irresistible,’” Sharna said, rolling her eyes. “Yeah, they know plenty. But they don’t know what’s happening now.”

“They’ll find out eventually.”

“Probably,” Sharna agreed with a shrug. “And that’s fine. But let’s just be just us for as long as we can, okay?”

James nodded because he knew Sharna understood this world better than him.

So he was on his best behavior that day around the others. At the end of their rehearsal, they said goodbye and went their separate ways as innocently as they always had. James sat on his couch that night feeling weirdly lonely without her. Already. They had officially been together a whole fifteen hours and he already missed her when she wasn’t around.

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Switched [c.h.]

pairing: calum x reader

word count: 2,704

theres definitely going to be a few parts to this,, the thing is idk how many yet. inspired by my friends dreams and her love of calum

shit will make sense in later chapters so if shit is confusing now, just bear with me and be patient you lil bitches

requests are always open ! hope you enjoy xx

“What do you mean switched?”

You rolled your eyes, letting out an annoyed sigh at her best friend try to explain herself on the other end of the phone. “I switched roommates but I swear, it’s just on the other end of the hall from where our room was gonna be. I’m sorry, Y/N, I just was talking with this girl and she had like no friends and she said she was rooming alone and I couldn’t help myself from asking to room with her. She was just way too sweet.”

“So you’re just going to room with some girl you just met over your best friend?” You asked incredulously. 

“If you saw her and talked to her for 5 minutes you would understand.” 

“Lindsay, you can’t just leave me hanging to room alone my first year at college. We were supposed to do this whole thing together, go to parties together, get drunk together, live together all through college.” 

It was freshman orientation this weekend. Choosing classes, figuring out meal plans, touring the campus and figuring out living situations was all going on these few days, and it was a whirlwind to you. You were walking to the library to check out potential study spaces, since you knew Lindsay was a loud girl to begin with and studying in your dorm would be extremely distracting. But, since Lindsay was apparently out of the question, you had stopped in your tracks, not paying attention to the many people walking around you. A few people gave you glares the moment you stopped, but you didn’t care.

“I know, I know, and I’m sorry. But her room is like 4 doors down so it’ll be like we’re neighbors. And besides, all the dorm is used for is sleeping. We can hang out all the time, I promise. Plus, you get a whole dorm room to yourself! And you won’t have to put up with my snoring.” She tried reasoning with you and highlighting the positives in the situation, but you still weren’t buying it.

“Linds, please don’t leave me.” You whined.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, but you know I can’t go back and tell her I’m switching back.”

“You should’ve never told her you would switch in the first place!” You exclaimed, throwing your free hand out in annoyance and nearly hitting a stranger. 

“I’m sorry! I just can’t help saying things sometimes.” Her excuse was sad, and you couldn’t believe she was doing this to you.

“You know what? Fine. Go live with her instead. I gotta go, bye.” You hung up abruptly, staring at the screen for a few seconds before sighing. 

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robotticellis  asked:

codieee are u still doing prompts will u do jack and bitty's first kiss

jack has been trying to take bittle on dates for the better part of a month.

in the last five days alone, jack has paid for them to:

  • eat froyo two times
  • go for italian once, off campus, to a place they had to drive to with low lighting and a wine list just as long as their menu
  • get coffee at annie’s three times. (once was under the guise of studying, but jack thinks it counts)
  • order takeout and watch the lion king on jack’s laptop while sitting on jack’s bed

and jack knows he’s not smooth, okay? he knows he stutters more often than not, knows he can be obtuse, but, honestly, it’s getting pathetic. 

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I cannot fucking stand Leah anymore. Corey is absolutely right that she never takes the blame for anything. But you know, she’s just doing what’s best for the girlses! 

That’s why she feeds them Chef Boyardee at 11:00 at night, and can’t get them to school on time EVER. Probably because she’s constantly out of it from prescription pill abuse exhaustion. It really pissed me off when Corey talked about how the twins told him that Leah and Germy fight so bad that they get scared and hide. Why would they lie to Corey about something like that? And we’ve already seen Leah screaming at Germy in the car with the girlses in the back seat (while being hit with random piles of debris from that mountain of crap Leah has accumulated back there).

I can’t believe I actually agreed with Nathan for once. I thought I was in the Twilight Zone. 


Way to show off your awesome parenting skills by using Aubree as a tool to try to mess with Taylor. Then you GET ON THE COURT STAND UNDER OATH AND LIE OUT OF YOUR ASS WHEN EVERYTHING YOU DO IS ON FUCKING CAMERA! I can’t decide if he’s just so delusional that he thinks he’s so smart and getting away with this shit, or if he’s just a dumb sack of shit with no concept of reality whatsoever. 

anonymous asked:

Omg, so Harry and James both married red heads, Ginny and Lily married lanky boys with messy black hair and glasses, and Ginny and James fell in love with Harry's and Lily's gorgeous green eyes (I'm assuming Ginny liked that about Harry)...but what do James and Ginny have in common, in terms of physical appearances? I just want there to be something so that all of the possibilities work out, help!

I’m going to be honest and say I’m not exactly sure what you mean, because I don’t think Ginny & James had much in common physically…but I’m going to interpret this as “Linds, please tell me what you find irresistible about each character’s physical appearance/demeanor so I have all the possibilities.”


  • Her eyes are wide, endless, the kind that if you pass her on the street, you do a double take. Maybe tell your mates about later. People say they’re green but they’d be hard pressed to say what shade, specifically, because it’s constantly changing…darker when she’s riled up, lighter when something amuses her. She cannot hide her emotions; her eyes give her away every time.
  • James lives for her wavy auburn locks. It’s frizzy in the summer, dry in the winter. She chopped it off when she was sixteen, nine inches so it stopped at her shoulders. She chopped it short–really short–after school, when they were fighting, but it grew when they were hiding, and grew, and grew. He gets it caught under his elbows when they’re in bed, and he’s constantly tugging on the ends, idly braiding it, burying his hands in it.
  • She’s nothing extraordinary in height, not exceptionally short either. She has to quicken her steps to keep up with her long-legged boyfriend, then husband, and she always keeps hold of his hand so she can tug him back when he gets too far ahead.
  • She has what James calls endless legs, his favorite legs in the world. If he’s not pinching, tickling, rubbing, or gripping her legs under the table, he’s thinking about it.
  • She doesn’t have ginger spots, but she can’t tan to save her life, so she sports a perpetual sunburn in the summer months.
  • She’s got her mother’s hands: criss-crossed with a thousand tiny scars. Dirt permanently, deeply embedded in them from endless hours spent gardening. It’s a hobby she indulges in the Muggle way, her mother’s way.
  • She’s got her father’s feet, though; James calls them troll feet, but he’ll still rub them at the end of the day.


  • He’s so tall he bumps his head on chandeliers in some homes if he’s not careful. He’s rarely careful. Lily loves the way that him moving to sit or stand is like the folding and unfolding of an accordion.
  • He’s lanky, too, wiry and narrow, but she doesn’t mind. He’s strong enough to lift her when her legs are wrapped around him. Frankly, what more could she need?
  • His glasses are always slipping off his face, getting sat on, flung here or there, usually by her. She finds them endearing and exasperating, depending on the day. He wants to wear them all the time, to see her, especially. He falls asleep in them, bridge imprinted in his nose long after he’s dead to the world. Mostly, they’re sexy because they magnify his eyes if he’s at the correct angle and because they, and all the mannerisms that accompany them, are so quintessentially James.
  • He smells like the woods after it’s just rained, and Lily can never get enough.
  • His eyes change from day to day, more varied than even hers, and fleck from gold to nearly green to a very dark brown, depending on his mood. He cannot hide his emotions; his eyes give him away every time, at least to Lily.
  • He has eyebrow game like non other. Half his charm is wrapped up in those eyebrows.
  • He’s constantly in motion, expending energy in a hundred different gestures and ticks and fidgets. He even flails in his sleep. Lily knows to worry, really worry, only when he’s still.
  • He’s got at least forty different kinds of smiles, and Lily is still memorizing them.