God Eater: Crestfallen Burst -Chapter 1

First thing posted, yes!

Fandom: God Eater

Chapter: 1 of ?

Warnings: None right now

Summary:  Don’t make the wrong move unless you’re looking for death.



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I just…can’t believe that historical fiction isn’t better used in video games? Like, the classical and empire building eras are pretty well covered by turn-based stragegy games, FPSs have done something with World War Two and the Cold War, there are some great isolated examples like Valiant Hearts, and, you know, Assassin’s Creed is…a thing…that I have feelings about…but there’s just so much that could be done? And so much opportunity for diversity/representation, too. I’m talking:

  • An adventure game that tells the tales of Lindow Man; a (probably gay) Celtic Druid who eventually sacrificed himself to prevent the Romans invading Ireland.
  • A game that’s basically Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, only with Ching Shih, the female Chinese pirate from the 1800s.
  • Historically accurate Hua Mulan game.
  • An adventure/exploration game focusing on explorers who weren’t colonisers. Only, it’s based on the only remaining sources, so there are legendary elements. For example, you can play as St. Brendan and you’ll reach America in the 6th century (without murdering any native peoples) but also you’ll have to fight sea monsters.
  • In the same vein, Polynesian exploration/settlement game.
  • Igbo revolutionary war!!! (Orchestrated by women for those who don’t know, so, African woman as the main character.)
  • Amelia Earhart game that starts out completely accurate but then ends with her joining a friendly alien civilization or something like that.
  • Do something with Elagabalus, the teenage Roman ruler who pretty much spent their whole life making mischief instead of, you know, ruling and was probably a trans woman (if we were to use modern language.)
  • Political intrigue visual novel starring Galla Placidia, and one starring Töregene Khatun, and one starring Hapshepsut, or…you know, I could go on like this for days.

These are just the ones that spring to mind. It’s a literally infinite source. Someone should use it.