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Guys reaction to their S/O taking forever to get ready (cause apparently all girls do😒smh) Btw I LOVE YOUR WRITING

Note: Honey, ANYONE can take forever to get ready, not just girls! This one’s for all you slowpokes. ALSO THANK YOU


“Y/N, what is taking so long?” He had a curious smile on his face as he opened the door. At the sight of you fixing your hair, he shook his head.

“Don’t fuss over such little things-”

“Rem, if I want my hair to look godly today, then it goddamn will,” you ran the comb through your hair one last time, letting out a huff.

“I was going to saw you didn’t need to worry because you always look amazing, but you made a change of plans,” he chuckled, walking over to you and taking your hand. “Are you ready now?”

“Is my hair godly?” You smiled as he laughed. He kissed your temple.

“Yes, as usual.”


“Uuuugh,” you groaned, shoving aside more things on your desk.

“Butterfly, you always look ravishing- is something wrong?” Urie cocked a brow at you as he leaned in the door frame. It was clear you were in distress over something.

“I can’t find my good luck ring,” you pouted, straightening up and crossing your arms. Urie chuckled as he made his way to you, wrapping his arms around you from behind.

“You’re all the luck I need,” he kissed your ear. “So I’m sure you’ll still have good fortune without it. Now let’s go, hm?”

“Okay,” you smiled, nuzzling into his neck. “But you’re going to help me find it when we get back.” You walked out laughing together.


“Geez, hurry up, will ya?” He leaned on the door, tapping his foot on the ground.

“Well I’m sorry for wanting to look nice for a fancy party,” you opened the door just to stick your tongue out at him, but he stuck his foot in the opening and pulled it open wider. 

“You look nice all time time!” He crossed his arms as you, smirking as you blushed a little. “What? You do! Even when you’re walking around the house with no pants on.”

“HEY!” You bapped him on the shoulder, and he laughed, playfully raising his arms in surrender.

“Seriously, though; you look fine. Can we go now?”

“Yes,” you linked your arm in his. “But only because you complimented me.”


“Y/N, you’re taking forever,” Shiki slung his arms over your shoulders from behind, resting his chin on your right one. “This party isn’t even important. I’d rather stay here with you.”

“Me too, but if I have to go I’ll go looking good,” you winked at him in the mirror.

“The only one you need to look good for is me,” he planted a kiss on your neck. “And you’re talented at that.”

“Hush,” you glanced over yourself one last time. Now Shiki was pouting.

“Done yet?” 


“Ah, finally,” you smacked the back of his head as you two left.

“Hey, Mister, be careful, or I won’t be looking good for you later.”


“Honestly, Y/N, quit worrying,” Lindo chuckled in the doorway. “You look amazing.”

“Thank you,” you blew him a kiss. “But that won’t make me go faster.” He snapped his fingers.

“Dammit,” he joked. “I was hoping it would.” 

“Tell you what; if you help me put this earring on, we can go.” He was over in a flash. 

“Oh, that’s not too hard,” he mused, getting to work.

“Did Ritsuka ever make you do this?” 

“Yes,” he answered, clicking the back into place. “But it was easier when I was younger and my fingers were smaller.” A smile grew on his face at the sound of your laughter as he led you out the door.


“Y/N, we’ll be late if you don’t pick up the pace,” an impatient reminder from your boyfriend.

“I know, I’m sorry,” you felt bad, but you really wanted to wear that necklace.

“What’s keeping you?” He looked in, and immediately shook his head. Without a word, he made his way over to you and latched the necklace closed for you.

“Oh,” you blushed a little. He chuckled, reaching around to kiss your cheek.

“Are you ready now?”


“Good,” he said, interlocking your arms. “Because even if you weren’t we’d be leaving anyway I am not going to be late.”

Niño, me gustas. Me encantas tu sonrisa, tus ojos, tu mirada al observarme, tu manera de reír, tu pelo, tu personalidad, lo fastidioso y tierno que puedes llegar a ser, lo cursi, lo gruñón y lo susceptible, tus besos, tus caricias, ese mechón descolocado… Me encantas y ya.