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Hello~! This is my first ever ask, I was so excited to see that your ask box was open :-D So my question is, what would the devils + Lindo be like as fathers, especially if they had a daughter?

Firstly I’d like to say how sorry I am for taking so long omg! This is based of them only having a daughter because I’m pretty sure I’ve done some more general ones before, I just can’t find them.



  • His number 1 goal is not to be like his own father and will do his best not give his child(ren) the childhood he had 
  • Quite strict with how long she’s allowed out but doesn’t mind her staying out very late as long as he knows and trusts who she’s with
  • He can’t say no to her puppy dog eyes even if he tries 
  • Loves making her smile by doing small tricks with his powers (also headcanon that he can make fire dance in different shapes and figures)


  • He’d spoil her so much oml like ‘oh did you like the look of that toy? Here I’ll buy you ten.’
  • More than once you’ll come home and find him doing face paints with her but chances are there’ll be more paint on the walls than on either of them
  • No one, and I mean no one, is allowed to date her unless approved by him. He will not let anyone have the chance to break her heart
  • Kinda always in denial that she ever grows up which becomes a bit of a problem when she does…


  • He’s another one that would spoil his daughter, she gets the best and only the best
  • Is always up for giving piggy back rides! The up side to having a super strong dad is that no matter how old they are he can still give piggy backs   
  • Will 100% sneak her sweets even when told she can’t have any
  • No lover of hers can break up with her without expecting a visit beating up from him


  • Not the most responsible parent here but certainly a loving one all the same 
  • Teaches her how to paint and loves all of her hand paintings, even the ones on the walls 
  • Is surprisingly good at cheering her up when she’s crying
  • When she’s a baby he wraps her in his wings and sings to get her to sleep


  • He’s very involved with her learning and can be very embarrassing during parent teacher meet ups as he tends to drill the teacher on their methods if by chance his daughter isn’t doing too well in an area 
  • Very supportive but can make her feel like he expects a little too much from her sometimes 


  • Would probably pick her up from any parties in his pj’s if she hasn’t told him beforehand that she was going to one 
  • Slightly overly protective of her 
  • Teaches her all the weird and wonderful things he’s learnt from over the years about vampires and all things alike
  • He loves having tickle fights with her and tends to lose more than he wins
Es lindo cuando te empieza a gustar una persona y tú no estás esperando que le gustes. Simplemente te gusta, te gusta como sonríe, como ríe, como te mira cuando estás distraída; Como te hice reír, como te mejora el día con un mensaje de su parte. O como se preocupa por ti por cosas mínimas o como te hace una escenita para verte reír. Como te agarra la mano a veces o como esos besos en la frente por su parte son la mejor sensación del mundo. Como te sonríe, como levanta su ceja, como se le marca la mandíbula cuando come, como se recuesta en su brazo cuando está aburrido, como se ve cuando está concentrado, como te ayuda en lo que no entiendes. Es lindo ¿saben? Cuando te empieza a gustar una persona de nuevo y sólo dejas que pase. No fuerzas nada, no esperas que te corresponda, simplemente te gusta y es probable que te siga gustando pero lo dejas todo a las manos del tiempo. Y no pasa nada, no te decepcionas, no te pones triste, simplemente lo disfrutas.


Niño, me gustas. Me encantas tu sonrisa, tus ojos, tu mirada al observarme, tu manera de reír, tu pelo, tu personalidad, lo fastidioso y tierno que puedes llegar a ser, lo cursi, lo gruñón y lo susceptible, tus besos, tus caricias, ese mechón descolocado… Me encantas y ya.