Don't know if the British press 'get' Tim and Eric

Chortle Review :“In the end, if you’re a fan of fast changing, would-be anarchic, scatological comedy you’d probably have a blast at this, but for me it was a nightmare of being trapped with a bunch of overexcited children running amok in their chaotic world.”

The Independent Review: “Later, Wareheim dresses as a hamburger and sings: "I like parties/I like fun/I want to live in a hamburger bun.” With that, the final gherkin of despair is laid on top of the messy burger of anti-comedy. Belch. Diarrhoea encore. Bad job.“

at least 

Spoondfed:”While their act is always bound to divide opinion, after that performance I’m sure there’ll be many new converts to the cult of Tim and Eric. “

and the Guardian like ‘em.