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Colloodles Maddox family by @Devin_McCain 😍❤️

Jamie Mcguire killing us with her answers:
  • Fan: Who has the hottest sex scenes?
  • Jamie: Trent and Cami have a pretty good one, but Tyler and Ellie will make you blush.
  • Fan: What makes Tyler different from all of his other brothers?
  • Jamie: I would say Tyler is most like Travis, but of course he's older so he thinks things through a little more than Travis does. I think Tyler is the most romantic of all the Maddox brothers.
  • Fan: What is the one thing that excites you most about the release of Beautiful Burn?
  • Jamie: I am love with this story. Ellie is unlike any character I've written before. Beautiful Burn is raw, gritty, sexy, and pulls no punches, just like Beautiful Disaster.
  • Fan: Do you have a fave out of BD or Maddox books?
  • Jamie: Beautiful Disaster will always be my #1, but I really love Beautiful Redemption. I think many will agree that Beautiful Burn will be their favorite Maddox Brother book. It ends the series with a bang!
  • Fan: Of the Maddox boys: who would you marry, who would you kiss, who would die, who is only a friend and who is only a hookup?
  • Jamie: Marry Tyler, kiss Thomas, kill ... haha, nice try, Horn ... friend Trent and hookup with Travis. A lot.
  • Fan: Do you think that Tyler Maddox is a hopeless romantic or a hopeless realistic?
  • Jamie: Tyler Maddox is a hopeless romantic.