Imagine: It’s the start of’s first match as an overwatch member, and Mercy and Reinhardt are discussing her. “Hard to believe she’s only 19 years old!” Reinhardt says with a hearty chuckle.

Mercy gasps. 19? She can’t be 19. Why, if she’s 19, then that would mean Mercy was old…. old enough to be her mother! She spends the whole match staring at in disbelief. She starts thinking.

The next oldest lady in Overwatch is Pharah, and she’s still 5 years younger than her! Why, with a lot of the overwatch members, besides Reinhardt, Jack, and Torbjorn, she has at least 10 years on them! She’s… she’s nearly 40! And there’s an overwatch member who isn’t even 20 yet!

After the match, Soldier 76 is doing his usual rounds, coaching the newbies, telling everyone good work.

He turns a corner in the locker room to see Mercy sitting at a bench. She looks up at him and sniffles, her eyes bloodshot.

“Jack… I’m not… OLD, am I?” She says, tears welling up in her eyes.

He takes too long to respond, and she bursts into tears before he can reassure her.

Weekly 2016 Art Report 22

This week has been super busy because of REASONS! (Without going into too much info territory, i was feeling depressed.) so hang on to your butts as i give you a MEGA DOSE OF PIXEL ART!

Firstly, i’ve been working on my Overwatch Phase 2 sprites real hard so i have a bunch of animate Overwatch sprites!

Also, a couple Work-in-progress sprites!

Yeah, so that’s what i’ve been up to this week! Feeling pretty good about it so far!

Who is Liao?

All we know is that they were one of the founding members of Overwatch.

Liao is mentioned in this news post:

The United Nations covertly brought a few of these unique minds together to form a small, nimble team, aimed at striking significant blows against omnic strongholds. Their names—Morrison, Reyes, Amari, Liao, Wilhelm, and Lindholm—have since become legendary. The world would come to know them as the founders of Overwatch.

Marjorie Lindholm is a survivor of the 1999 school shootings at Columbine High School.
She wrote a book titled A Columbine Survivor’s Story, spoke with WebMD about her experiences and shares her advice for school shooting survivors and their loved ones.

She was trapped in the room with Dave Sanders and other students. They were giving him first aid for the entire time, they were there for like four or five hours, until they were able to get out with the SWAT team.

Marjorie Lindholm was a sophomore at the time and a cheerleader, she later dropped out in her senior year due to her family falling apart and the death of two friends. She still visits the Chapel Hill Cemetery where Dave Sanders was buried.
In this photo she sits in the science room that her and other students and Dave Sanders were stuck in for hours.


Calling all colorado and chicago fans! Once again the NHL are stealing my favorites away from me, so now that Anton Lindholm have signed with the avs and Martin Lundberg have signed with the hawks I need you to take good care of my boys when the make their way across the ocean! Especially Martin who is the biggest team player out there always playing his heart out for his team and he will be a huuuuge loss for Skellefteå AIK. He deserves this chance more than anyone so please take care of him, and Anton!

CHEERS EVERYBODY!!! Celebrate is officially out today, and we couldn’t be happier! Special thanks to our awesome friend Greg Lindholm for recording this record, highly recommend him to any band out there. We hope you all enjoy this record and come out to a show on this wonderful tour we’re on. THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH EVERYONE!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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