linden is amazing

I waited four long years to see THIS.
  • Sarah Linden: I never had a real house to grow up in. No home. I never belonged anywhere. And all my life I was looking for that thing, you know? Thinking that it was out there somewhere. And all I had to do was find it. But I think maybe... That home was us. It was you and me together in that stupid car. Riding around, smoking sigarettes. I think that was everything. I'm sorry. I should have known that you were the person who always stays.
  • Stephen Holder: Why don't you stay? Stay.

emina’s & sabrina‘s teen wolf S4 countdown: favorite scene

   ↳ “…and even somebody as burned and dead on the inside as me knows better than to underestimate the simple yet undeniable power of human love.”


My copy of “A Stilinski Story”: The BiteCon ladies were kind enough to let me present the book to Linden Ashby on stage. It was really overwhelming for me and I had to write down what I was going to say beforehand ‘cause I was really nervous. It was hard for me to look Linden in the eye, and when I did, he looked like he was going to cry (which made me start tearing up). He gave me a hug on stage, and I completely lost my train of thought. But I did talk about my co-author werefoxstiles and how she was a huge fan of his but couldn’t be here. I also told him this book highlighted the father-son relationship between Stiles and the Sheriff. I asked him if he would be able to give Dylan the other one and he said, “I will absolutely make sure he gets it.” Linden is such an amazing man. He even tweeted about the book today (even though he thought Amanda was the one who was at BiteCon :P)!

Jeff Davis somehow knows about “Nice Day for Derek”. Which means one of two things: Tyler Hoechlin brought it to set or someone else pointed it out to him. He said it was really great and asked, “Wow, how did you do this?” It was fantastic.

Also, during Tyler Posey’s autograph session, Seana and Matty looked through “A Stilinski Story” and were pointing out cute things to Tyler Posey (he cracked up laughing at the Star Wars scene). On the Mother’s Day scene, Seana said, “Aww, that’s so sad but cute.” As I went up to Posey, he said, “Wow, this is so cool. Who made this?” So I told him that I was the illustrator. He looked up at me and was like, “YOU DID THIS??” Matty also looked up during this time and asked, “Are you tifferini?!” We exchanged pleasantries and how great it was to meet each other in person. He said he wants to buy these books and keep them in his office. And he ended our conversation with, “I look forward to working with you on Season 4!”

Haley Webb signed, “Thank you for Loki” because I told her I was the creator of the Loki manip. And she gave me a big hug and said it was her favourite thing ever. Felisha Terrell was next to her and was like, “That’s so cool. It was amazing!”

anonymous asked:

So I've never been in tune with nature. Ever, really. I'm a cynic and I've never thought of myself as spiritual. But at the moment I'm in a dark, dark place and my friend sent me here. I don't know what to do. I'm suffering from depression and anxiety and I don't know how to get myself out of this place. A word of advice for someone who feels lost and alone?

i was a cynic too. for a very long time. and all i ever wanted to do was to live in the city… nature meant nothing to me. and therefore i suffered. i suffered a lot. as you are now, my sweetest love. and i understand what you’re feeling with all of my heart. you don’t need to label yourself as spiritual. but you do need to heal yourself. the darkness is only a step. a very important one. and now the decision is yours… do you want to stay in it or do you want to step out? given that you’re here then it’s obvious that you’re ready to move out of it… i’ve answered a similar question not too long ago but i’ll repeat the essential… yoga. yoga has healed me so deeply on so many levels. and with yoga comes meditation = conscious breathing. calming your mind. you have the power to do it. believe it. believe in yourself. change your diet. honestly. this is so important. stop eating crap that might taste good but truly it’s just messing up your body and making you sad. fruit, veggies, nuts, berries, melons, roots, herbs. the earth offers us the most powerful and healing medicine if we’re willing to take it :) move your body. go for walks, hiking, dancing, practice yoga, ride your bicycle, whatever makes you feel good. do it. it releases endorphin, it makes you feel good, cleanses your mind, purifies your body and motivates you to go forward!!! and tea. mmmm tea. a few very very helpful herbs: passionflower, chamomile, lemon balm, linden, lavender, valerian. all amazing to calm and soothe you. and st. john’s wort is so so very amazing to treat depression but please research about it! don’t take it while you’re taking synthetic antidepressants or the birth control. it might affect other medications as well so make sure you do your research. lots of omega-3!!! i forgot to mention this in the last one. omega-3 is so important for the brain. and… you WILL get yourself out of that place. don’t worry. this is what nature has taught me: the seed has to be buried in the deep dark ground before sprouting into the sunlight. the lotus flower grows in the mud, only to unfold as the most magical beauty afterwards. the butterfly, a most graceful creature, has to emerge from the caterpillar first. after the dark night, the bright day comes. after freezing winter, the flowering spring. we all move in cycles. accept yours. it will all be well, i promise. you are never ever alone. and you will soon find your path. being lost gives you the chance to find yourself :) i love you, i’m here for you always