I’ve have this friend (Linds) for about 6 years who is an amazing writer.
We bonded over our mutual love for a broken and disturbed blond boy.

After many years of not moving in the same fandom circles, I managed to convince her to watch Riverdale and so she wrote me a Bughead Fic.
It is simultaneously hot and sad - which is typical of her because she used to make me cry while writing hot stuff for American Horror Story all the time. It’s her gift. I legit cried. It doesn’t have one of those hopeful endings… it’s officially a smutty angsty fic - so if you’re into Smutty Angsty fics - you should read it.

what they call love is a risk. by @ohhyellowbird

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/“…he has to smile. Because she was his once, and for right now, she still is.” – This is where I started crying - it was so freaking gorgeous and sad and hot and all good things…. Read it! 


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