Inspired by @linddzz’s adorably chaotic fic: in which Newt, our blessed protagonist who does not, and never will truly understand self-preservation, tries to fly on something that is not a fantastic beast. Credence must, as always, protect this man from himself.
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Newt is on a mission to save innocent creatures from poachers. The evening doesn’t go as planned, but then again, Newt didn’t really have a plan for this to begin with.

Written because of a gifset of Ezra making sex faces while being pressed into the hood of a cop car and encouraged by @frostisass @linddzz and @sammichtastic 

“And why did you have to wear that old cloak for our photograph?”

“I’ll have you know that this cloak has been in my family for generations.”

“Well I’m washing it when this is over.”

What can I say? I really like this AU. AU belongs to @linddzz. :)

Stay tuned.

Wow, did I seriously forget to post this? Its been busy around here lately (Comic pages EVERYWHERE). ANYWHO - more of that Hogwarts AU based off of Linddzz ideas. Because I cant help it, its so much fun okay? :)

Stay tuned.

Lets…talk about the scars on our little Crewtons though.

Newt obviously, a very marked man, its canon though we didn’t see them. He works with wild animals, he takes their hits he earns their trust, he bears his trophies of a job well done like a map of his victories. 

He doesn’t show them off, that’s not his personality, but he never heals them away, he never conceals the skin of his hands and cheeks and brow with masks of spells, though you’d be hard pressed to find the dimmed silvery lines on his face under his freckles. Many wounds leave no scars from the magic used to heal them, but the ones that held poison and venom and magic saliva or were sliced open with enchanted claws and ripped into being through cursed tendrils…those ones leave their marks and those he is most proud of. Those prove he did what he set out to do and that he lived to spread his knowledge.

Though of course you’d never see Newt blink one jot of acknowledgement for all he achieved. 

Credence, his whole being is ingrained shame. He barely wants to exist as himself as he is, let alone bring more notice of the struggles he’s overcome. You won’t see more of his skin if he can ever help it. His body is just one more regret of his existence. But once you strip away the last of his fabric armor you’ll see the evidence of his bravery. He will never call it that.

Scars upon his palms for the small sins of every day, Scars upon his knuckles for the careless manner in which he treats himself. Scars upon his arms from the hard work only the eldest boy of the family could perform, scars upon his biceps from digging his nails in deep at night to stifle the effects of his nightmares. 

Scars across the tops of his thighs for when Ma was more strict.

And scars upon the backs of his thighs for long old disciplines.

But the Scars across his shoulders were for infractions most dire. And those are the ones where his skin pulls tight when he twists a certain way.

He had many years learning to behave from his Ma, but he never did seem to manage it did he. 

One day, Newt will make him understand that his skin is a triumph of his power and the strength of his life. That day is far away