Double Vision — Bottlenose Dolphins Sea of Cortez Baja by Bill Klipp by Bill Klipp
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Baja Photos by Bill Klipp


Sarah: We show you the beauty of Alaska’s glaciers on today’s episode of Jeopardy! as we travel with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic to Glacier Bay. For this expedition, I was joined by Jeopardy! Senior Producer Deb Dittmann and Lindblad Videographer Sarah Culler.

One of the highlights of our expedition was being able to see a glacier calve. The thunderous roar we heard when massive chunks of ice broke away and tumbled into the sea was incredible!

As we approached the Margerie Glacier, the bay was so calm that you could see the mountains reflecting off the water. This was just one of the many picturesque moments from our expedition.    

Watch Jeopardy! today for more from our trip!

Thanks to Lindblad Expeditions’ fleet of zodiacs, guests were able to travel from the main ship to get an up close sighting of the glacier. This is one view I will never forget!


We bet you never thought you could travel the world and do it with Alex Trebek in your suitcase!

Jeopardy! fans who won expeditions during the first rounds of the Explore the World Sweepstakes shared images from their incredible travels and snapped some pictures with Flat Alex along the way. He’s seen the beauty of Baja California, the clear blue waters of Costa Rica and made the trip all the way to Machu Picchu and the Galápagos.

Pat D. took Flat Alex down south and across the border to Baja California. Hopefully Flat Alex remembered to take his suntan lotion and observe boat safety practices.

Dean and Susan R. found their way to tropical Costa Rica on a Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic adventure. Looks like Alex hit the gorgeous beaches to catch some sun with them.

Deep in the Sacred Valley, at the ruins of Machu Picchu, Tony and Pam B. showed Flat Alex one of our favorite destinations. Thankfully, the hike was easy for Flat Alex since he travels light.

Chris B. and Megan S. found their way to the Galápagos with Flat Alex in tow. Watch their video from the great sights around the Galápagos!

Last night at home . . . again

Tomorrow, before the sun even gets up, I’ll be putting my clothes on and getting myself to the airport. 725am my plane leaves for its almost 6 hour trip to Costa Rica. I’ll spend the night there with my friend Keith, the new Chief Engineer, and captain Dion.

Then, Saturday morning, it’s back to the National Geographic Sea Lion where I begin my adventure as their new deckhand, a position I wanted about 2 weeks into my last six month stint there as a steward.

Even though I’ve done this before, and I’ll know almost everyone there, I’m still nervous. I want to do well and feel like I really gotta prove myself. 

I still don;t know my knots well enough, and I have fallen out of shape pretty bad in my short few months off.

But I won’t be negative. I have the job I want and am going back to a place I consider a second home. We stay in Costa Rica and Panama for about a month than take the journey up, all the way to Alaska, my favorite place I have ever been.

Yes, my “office” for a few months is the endlessly, mind bogglingly beautiful, Alaska, again.

I’m nervous/excited/a mess… but so damn lucky.

Thanks to everyone at home that made my few months here very nice. Thanks for celebrating my birthday early and several times (lookin at you rich).

Thanks for everything!

Love you all and see you in 6 months!