lindberg models

introducing the cast of live action Yuri!!! on Ice

not really but i’m actually embarrassed by how long i took picking out people

Yuri Katsuki 

miura haruma - Famous Japanese Actor: 26

Awww look at this adorable little katsudon!

moody ™

Victor Nikiforov

god Anton Yelchin (would be 27) i loved you so much and immediately thought of you. RIP. you honestly made the modern star trek movies what they are. for those of you who don’t know the name, this is him - he played Chekov: 

alas- Russian American actor Danila Kozlovsky: 31

(can you image this with white hair form me pleasE??)

Of course with the shades

heart mouth for the win!

just add makkachin. (also do you know how hard it is to find actors -not just russian ones- with white hair under 40? they don’t exist.) 

Yurio Plisetsky

Malcolm Lindberg young model from Sweden: 19. sorry but I couldn’t find anyone younger without getting weird results (he looks perfect though right)?

He’s so angsty

Minako Okukawa

famous Japanese actress Ueto Aya: 31

look at this adorable corn nugget!! 

Yuuko Nishigori

Ueno Juri famous Japanese Actress: 30

look at this cutie patootie! she’s honestly one of my favs

Phichit Chulanont

Jirayu La-Ongmanee famous Thai actor: 21

you ray of absolute sunshine 

and some random others that I might add on to later- 

Yakov Chernenkov

Alex Veadov russian actor: 54

I know they look totally different but I think it’s the embodiment of the character that counts and this man can sure pull it off.

Mila Babiceva

natalya rudakova Russian-American famous actress: 31


Darcy as famous on “The Daily Puppy”: 7