linday small


Today’s Women’s History Month post is about Linday Small, otherwise known as Linday Small-Butera, an animator. Lindsay recently gained attention online as a flash animator, but has worked on bigger projects for other companies as well.

Lindsay is probably most well known for her collaborations with her husband, Alex Butera. Alex is an animator and storyboard artist for cartoons like WordGirl, but the most well-known of their works are often done together. They have their own joint channel on youtube where they post their creations as a couple, entitled SmallButera. The channel has over b40 thousand subscribers as of this writing.

Lindsay recently gained a lot of internet fame for her flash cartoon “Let’s Play, a flash toon portraying her and Alex, and the very real situation of what happens when innocent fun accidentally causes true pain (also known as a bump to the head). The flash has over a million views on its original youtube posting. The cartoon has a lot of mileage here on tumblr–but sadly often gets passed around without any credit (side note: if you see it floating around without any credit, throw that on there!)

Lindsay and Alex collaborate on the mondo media series Baman Piderman. The series revolves around two goofy individuals who are totally not based on any superheroes that may already have existed. Baman Piderman’s first episode, "Find Da Sandwich,” aired in 2009 online. The video currently has almost 4 million views. The series recently ran a kickstarter that was very successful, making more than double its goal.

Lindsay has also worked on Dick Figures, another adult animated series hosted by Mondo Media. Lindsay recently did work on the short for the game Story War, a promotional animation hosted by Frederator on their channel Cartoon Hangover. Lindsay also voice acted in the cartoon.

Besides animation, Lindsay does illustration work on her own.

Lindsay has a cute style and a unique sense of humor. Her collaborations and her individual work both have their own lovable style. 

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The SmallButera youtube is here