linda yablonsky


Challenge: Redesign the dust jacket for one of my favorite books, build and bind a hardback book, and typeset 20ish pages for the interior.

Solution: The hand-drawn illustration and grungy textures on the dust jacket cover represent the detailed stories and encounters of the narrator, who once aspired to become a writer. I chose to illustrate the jacket rather than using photography because the use of graphic imagery and paraphernalia has been overused in novels of the same category. I wanted to decriminalize the narrator since her story was not exclusively about the life of a hardened criminal nor self destruction.

workingitinportland  asked:

Have you read random acts of senseless violence? Did we already talk about it and I spaced it? I just got it on Jo Weldon's rec in what makes this book so great and I don think it's aged super well (I can see it being momentous and awesome at the time) but it still made me feel fucked up! Do you still want me to send you the story if junk,

Yah, I still want you to send me The Story of Junk, even though worn-smooth says the woman was an evil rat who sold out her friends to get out of her own drug arrest, but hey, Nan Goldin/Cookie Mueller/bohemian scene gossip! I haven’t read Random Acts of Senseless Violence yet, but I have gotten into a whole bunch of Jo Walton recs—I mean, I’m about to read British naval intrigue based on her word in Master and Commander. I think I have a better stomach for these old school relics b/c it all sort of boils down to my nostalgia for my hard SF childhood.