linda reid

What I really liked about the “Spencer” episode is that Tara didn’t know that Spencer had been drugged by an unsub before which means she definitely didn’t know about Spencer’s previous drug problem.

I liked that the team was still extremely worried when they found out he had been drugged. It showed that they collectively respect each other’s difficult pasts enough to not speak about it while still caring enough to want to prevent anything of the sort from happening again.

@thejollywriter tagged me in this… kinda? Lol

name: Alexandria
gender: woman
starsign: Virgo
height: 6′0″
sexual orientation: bisexual af
favorite color: wine red
favorite color to paint the walls: something warm, southwestern colors
favorite colors of lipstick: matte burgundy
favorite animals: dogs, lizards, snakes, bears
time right now: 5:00 pm
cat or dog person: dogs all the way
favorite fictional characters: Finn the human, Dr. Spencer Reid, Linda Belcher, Lana Kane
number of blankets i sleep with: one
favorite singer or band: Too many. Nicki is my idol.
dream job: sociologist, sociocultural anthropologist, researcher
when was this blog created: 2011, my blog has been through it all
what made you decide to create a tumblr: my friend told me to make one, I got hooked. I love it.
why did you pick your username: Scott Mescudi changed my life in high school
last book you read: A Level Playing Field: African American Athletes and the Republic of Sports by Gerald Early
last thing you ate: strawberries and Nutella
if you could be anywhere right now where: I don’t fucking know. The world scares me. Here in bed is okay with me.
what time would you travel to: sometime in the future when hopefully the world is less fucking crazy

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