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wayward daughters would be amazing and I want to write it

OK no but shh, listen to my wisdom:

  • Donna is unfailingly kind and cheerful and supportive of the girls, and it drives Claire nuts, because this isn’t a game, this isn’t fun, her whole family is dead and you can’t just be all happy-smiley-sunshine after that, it’s not possible, right? And one day she just loses it, because what the fuck does Donna know about loss or pain, and what gives her the right to tell Claire or anyone else that it’s going to be okay? And Donna doesn’t falter; just says, very calmly, with a smile that’s only a tiny bit smaller than usual, that she might not know what it’s like to lose the people she loves to monsters, but that doesn’t mean she’s never lost them to anything else; that it takes a different kind of courage to watch your mother die of cancer and still be able to go to work afterwards. And she knows, she knows what people think of her: that because she smiles so much, she must not really understand how bad the world can be, but she’s still a sheriff, she’s still seen terrible things, and she’ll understand if Claire never sees eye to eye with her, but exactly because the world can be so bad at times, Donna thinks it’s all the more important to wring every bit of good from it that you can, even if you still sleep with a gun in reach or an angel sword under your bed. And maybe Claire cries in her lap, and maybe she just nods, but the next time Donna asks the girls if they want to bake with her and Alex rolls her eyes, Claire steps right up and grabs a spoon, and Krissy shrugs and says, “What the hell,” and joins in, and then Alex mutters something about how there’s nothing good on TV anyway, and they make stupid animal-shaped cookies and have a flour fight in the kitchen.
  • Jody and Donna having separate rooms, because most nights they want a bit of peace and time to themselves, but neither of them is really used to sleeping alone, so at first, they don’t sleep all that well. But one night, they both get woken up late by giggling coming from Claire’s room, and when they go in, all three girls are cuddled up in the one bed watching cartoons on an iPad with ghost!Kevin perched nearby, and when the adults look surprised they just raise their eyebrows and look at them like, “What?”. And when Jody looks at Alex in particular, Alex says, “Hey, you told me to find a healthy coping mechanism,” and it’s pretty hard to argue with that, so Jody just tells them to have lights out in an hour and goes back to bed, and when Donna says in the hall that she thinks the girls have the right idea, she says, “If only it was that easy.” But two nights later, after a really bad day and an hour of tossing and turning, she gets up and goes down the hall to Donna’s room and climbs into bed with her, and Donna just beams in her flannel jammies, and Jody just mutters, “Not a word,” and gets in beside her. (And this would make an awesome framing device for a specific episode that begins with everyone sleepless in their own rooms, camera sweeping through the house to Krissy’s narration about loneliness and secrets before we smash-cut to her in the midst of a crime scene, talking to the young girl who’s been witness to a supernatural death; the monster of the week preys on lonely people; the last scene is an identical sweep through the now-shared rooms, and the VO is Krissy again, but this time she’s writing a journal.)
  • An underlying theme of sexual autonomy and discovery where Krissy is the one that everyone else goes to for solid romantic advice, because Alex was used as sexualised bait for creepy dudes and Claire was nearly raped on the okay of someone she trusted and Donna still has anxieties about her romantic worth because of Doug and Jody once went on an actual date with the King of Hell, never mind the deaths of her husband and Bobby Singer, but Krissy’s breakup with Aiden was healthy and she’s confident and sensible and goes on dates and knows exactly what she wants, and has exactly zero tolerance for dudes who look like they’ll fuck with her ladies. Donna asking Krissy to vet her dates, and Krissy doing it the first couple of times, but then gently telling Donna that she’s awesome enough to trust her own judgement, and Donna believing her. (Which would also make an awesome lead-in for an episode about an abused incubus, where they have an argument about consent and saving monsters and humanity and sex and the creepy villain tries to win onto Krissy and it 9000% does not work.)  
  • Kate and Josephine as girlfriends who work as supernatural scouts, travelling up and down the country looking for lost souls and problem cases: their cover is Josephine travelling to athletic meets (and don’t you love the idea of a human athlete having a werewolf trainer?) and they periodically either check in with the others at the Academy (as they fondly call Jody’s house) or call them out to see what’s going down elsewhere. Plus and also, it turns out that there’s more supernatural creatures than you’d expect hiding out in the athletic and sporting world, given the whole super-speed-and-strength thing a lot of them have, and it kind of pays to keep a finger on that particular pulse.
  • Bring me all the demonised female monsters of world mythology - the nagas and harpies, sirens and succubi, gorgons and furies and medusas - and give me a show where their monstrousness is made distinct from their femininity; where a group of female Hunters is in a position to question the frequently sexist lore that’s been used to demonise them, drawing new distinctions between monsters that are always threats, and monsters that just happen to be female, and monsters that are both.
  • All the girls have dayjobs that help them access different facets of supernatural crime and to help those affected by it, so that, in addition to Josephine the athlete, we have Krissy as a trainee sheriff, Claire working with kids in the foster system and Alex - well. Alex is a bit harder to pin down, because she’s sly and smart and she has no patience for bullshit; she tries her hand at a lot of different jobs, but she always ends up moving on, because she keeps ferreting out secrets and pissing people off, and then one day she ends up figuring out that the bartender at her equally new job is an undercover fed working what they think is a drugs case, but which Alex already knows has a link to something supernatural (literal magic mushrooms, YES), and, well, long story short, it turns out there’s a government agency with an eye on the Hunter world and once Alex pulls their rookie’s ass out of the fire, she gets tapped to train with them, so that she steadily becomes a link between Jody’s girls and the bigger world of supernatural law enforcement.
  • A story built around a strong ensemble cast, but which isn’t pinned to a single location, even though there’s a single place they all come back to, so that everyone gets to develop in different ways and directions; each episode picks a different focal character, and the story goes where they take us, but there’s always the overarching theme of the Academy and their togetherness, even when they’re apart. 
  • Linda Tran as a total BAMF who periodically shows up with a case or an artefact to hide. Linda Tran challenging Jody to a drinking contest, and the two of them sharing an amused glance when Donna asks to join in. Donna and Linda subsequently drinking Jody under the table, the two of them carrying her up to bed and tucking her in before going to sit outside and bonding over a shared love of gardening.
  • Hannah restarting the process in Heaven for the creation of prophets that Metatron turned off. The first new prophet is a teenage girl who ends up at the Academy. She’s our introductory character, and once the others realise what she is - or rather, once ghost!Kevin does - they summon Hannah to explain her purpose.  
  • Dorothy comes back from Oz and resurrects Charlie with Gilda’s help. FIGHT ME.       

The history of all times and of today especially teaches that women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves. – Louise Otto

Here’s to all my girls.

Here’s to all my POC, LGBTQA+ ladies.

Here’s to all women that aren’t girly.

Here’s to all the girls that are still figuring themselves out.

Here’s to all my badass, independent ladies.

You are strong and you matter.

 I love you!

Happy International Women’s Day from the Supernatural fandom.

Can’t get over Crowley’s death

I don’t think Crowley’s death would’ve bother me so much if….

1. It made sense, it  seemed too unnatural and not really in character. He’s a  survivor, I mean He’ s well… Crowley.

2. People would stop crying over Castiel, I mean as much as I love Cas, let’s face it . He’s gonna come back, he’s part of the golden trio. And stop ignoring Crowley’s sacrifice.

3.  Andrew Dabb didn’t give the reasons he did for killing of Crowley, when I honestly think no one couldn’t write for him any more. Except well, Mark who seemed to know the character better, like the dedicated actor he is. I mean it seems like every character that shows any growth or change gets killed off but, at least they got a proper send off. Just tell me the truth instead of giving me a slap in the face. 

4. Most importantly, He felt loved at least once in his life, the only problem I have with Rowena. Because, lets face it she’s fabulous and honestly, I’m glad she didn’t get killed on screen. Because, I don’t think my heart could’ve taken it. And while, I’m pissed at the boys I can understand why they would be weary of him. I mean what he did to: Meg, Samandriel ,Sam, Jody , the people they had saved in the past, Kevin and his mom. At least they both showed their appreciation for him saving Cas.

Now I don’t know what happened but, regardless the least they could’ve done was a given him a proper send off.  LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!!

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Whenever someone says, but where are the strong females, I roll my eyes. Hannah, Charlie, DARK Charlie, Abaddon, Rowena, Eve, Lilith blond Ruby, Gen Ruby, blond Meg, Meg 2.0, Ellen, Cassidy, Ava, Jo, Lisa, Sarah, Missouri, Donna, Dorothy, Anna, Naomi, Gwen, Hester, Bela, Pamela, Tessa, Mary freaking Winchester, Linda Tranthankyouverymuch, JODY EFFING MILLS! 

“But they’re all flawed! Some were even evil things!” Um, yeah! So is every other freaking character!

“But they had sex!” That’s right. Because sometimes strong females like to have sex. Sometimes they like to have a lot of sex. Sometimes they aren’t ashamed of their bodies. If you see the characters as just serving as a love interest, the problem just might be you, not the storyline. That lovely flight attendant in Phantom Traveler who couldn’t be possessed because her will was too strong and she wasn’t afraid? Nobody slept with her. She had just dumped her boyfriend, as a matter of fact.

“But they died!” Show me a character who hasn’t been killed. Also? JODY EFFING MILLS. Just saying. She’s a badass mother figure, and is still kicking ass and taking heads.

“But they stayed dead!” First of all? Charlie. Even Mary, who burned on the freaking ceiling in the very first scene of the pilot, was in 13 episodes, and appeared in every season except 3, 7, 9 and (so far) 10. Six out of ten seasons. Ellen and Jo each came back, one as an AU version, and one as a ghost. Meg’s vessel even came back as a Witness.

“But they aren’t series regulars!” Oh come on. It took Mark Sheppard like four seasons to become a regular. It’s a technical term. It doesn’t mean they’re going to be in every episode.

“But they’re pretty!” Uh huh. So are the guys. “My god, you have delicate features for a hunter.”

“But they’re too girly!” Really? Are we going to do that? First of all, stop trying to force folks into or out of gender roles that society assigns. If you think a feminine person can’t be a badass, you are the problem. If you think someone who is badass can’t be feminine…you get my point, right?

“But they’re too weak! They show emotion!” Again, really? Count how many times you’ve seen a woman on Supernatural cry. I dare you. Put that number up against just ONE of the Winchester boys. There. Feel better?

“But they’re too cold!” No. You do not get to do that. These are well-developed, beautifully portrayed multi-layered characters. Some of them are bitches. Some of them are tough. None of that negates their strength or their importance. 

“But some of them are only in a few episodes!” Yup. Your point? Guest stars are expensive. You know how many Balthazar was in? (Hint: Not very many.) The only GUYS who are in every episode are the stars. And we like them. So shut up. 

“But some of them were only in ONE episode.” It’s Supernatural. They roadtrip in a freaking Impala. They can’t carry everyone around with them everywhere they go. Only being in one episode doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome characters. How many episodes was Jared in before you loved him? Or Jensen? Or Misha or Mark? 

Every time we bitch about the lack of strong female characters, we negate the hard, awesome work of those we’ve enjoyed for ten whole years. 

Mary Winchester.

Linda Tran.

Jody effing Mills.

“There is no GOD!” 
“Maybe. Or maybe not. But there’s still ME.”

That’s all I have to say. (I promise.)

Let’s talk about Supernatural ships when I still can before spoilers come to light! (Can’t watch season 13 as it airs.) Bear in mind, I’m kinda Sam’s pimp, so he’s shipped with quite a few people. Here are my ships (Updated and in no particular order):

- Dean Winchester/Castiel 
- Jody Mills/Linda Tran 
- Jody Mills/Rowena MacLeod 
- Kevin Tran/Claire Novak 
- Chuck Shurley/Sam Winchester 
- Garth Fitzgerald/Benny Laffite (If it wasn’t obvious by this point…)
- Charlie Bradbury/Meg Masters
- Ed Zeddmore/Harry Spangler (Ghostfacers, in case you don’t remember them by name like I didn’t.) 
- Adam Milligan/Samandriel 
- Sam Winchester/Andy Gallagher 
- Sam Winchester/Ash 
- Sam Winchester/Gabriel 
- Sam Winchester/Eileen Leahy 
- Sam Winchester/Mick Davies 
- Sam Winchester/Lucifer 
- Sam Winchester/Balthazar 
- Kevin Tran/Balthazar 
- Jo Harvelle/Anna Milton 
- Bobby Singer/Crowley 


A Very Sam Christmas Special, PART TEN.

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anonymous asked:

Could you list some thing that everyone in the Beatles fandom should know? Because I'm new here lmao

hey!!!! welcome!

here’s a list of things you need to know.

  • There Are Four Beatles.





  • Their Birth Dates.

John: October 9th, 1940.

Paul: June 18th, 1942.

George: February 25th (no one is really sure), 1943.

Ringo: July 7th, 1940.

  • Their Real Names.

John: John Winston Lennon.

Paul: James Paul McCartney.

George: George Harold Harrison.

Ringo:  Richard Starkey.

  • All About Them.

John: John was an asshole, but also a saint. He’s extremely intelligent. He fought for peace with the Bed-In and he made songs such as Imagine and Give Peace A Chance. He is one of the most popular activists. People know him as a hippie who was against the government and stuff like that. He was never scared to say what he thought. He was rude, yes, but he was honest. The government wanted to kick him out of the USA (watch The US vs John Lennon if you want to learn more) because he was convincing people to start breaking the rules. John wasn’t a good parent at all during his Beatles years. He had a son, Julian, and he didn’t take care of him often. He used the excuse to be famous to not see his family. He cheated on his wife, Cynthia, and probably thought he had had the obligation to marry her because he had made her pregnant. He could be violent, rude, he often only thought about himself and was always angry. He was also really depressed, he had a difficult childhood. His parents abandoned him when he was young, so he had to live with his aunt Mimi. Later he found his mother, and she learned him how to play music. They were getting closer and closer but she tragically died in a car accident. Since that moment John felt truly abandoned and he wrote her the song ‘’Julia’’. He also had a best friend, Stuart, who died suddenly in 1962 from an aneurysm. John always felt guilty of Stuart’s death, since they had a fight and he thought it was his fault if his friend had headaches all the time. To conclude, John Lennon was a rude person, mean, even cruel sometimes, but inside he was insecure, he needed love and he could be a really good person. We all have a good and a bad side, and John truly tried to become a better person before he died. Unfortunately he didn’t have the time.

Paul: Paul is rather the sassy one, I must say. He can be hypocrite in a certain way. He was really nice with the interviewers and he always looked pretty for the cameras, but when he didn’t have what he wanted, he wasn’t happy. He slept with more than 500 women in his Beatles years, even though he had a girlfriend, and stuff like that. But he is also a really good person. He is vegetarian, he’s a very peaceful old man, and he’s nice to everyone. He’s also really hot for a 73 years old grandpa. And when he’s in love, he will never hurt a woman. For example, Linda. She was the love of his life, and he loved her deeply. He never cheated on her. They stayed together for 20 years! He fought for animals rights, he is also an activist. He’s like the greatest musician in the world. Sir Paul McCartney is extremely important in the society. He’s not a nobody. He never stopped doing music since 1957, and he will probably never will. After the Beatles’s break-up, Paul had no motivation to get up in the morning. He was always drinking and sleeping. But with the help from Linda, he started a band, Wings, and they got really popular. 

George: George was the calm one. He was a beautiful human being. He never wanted to be a rock star. He just liked playing music. He didn’t like popularity. He was reserved. He was also the youngest of the Beatles, so of course they sometimes made fun of him for that. He had a really sexy accent, and he wasn’t always starving for attention. Unfortunately he didn’t write enough songs in the albums, but the ones he wrote got really popular. He met his first wife, Pattie, in 1964. They stayed together for 10 years. They were really in love, but George got really obsessed with Hinduism. He went to India, visited places, met gurus and psychedelic drugs encouraged his path to meditation and Hinduism. He wrote a lot of religious songs like My Sweet Lord. Family was also really important for him. He met his second wife, Olivia, in 1978 and they got a child, Dhani. George could be mean sometimes but he was really peaceful, and he wasn’t full of himself. He even wondered why people loved him so much. He was an angel who didn’t deserve pain.

Ringo: Ringo is a peace and love teenager. He’s 75, but he acts like a kid. If you want a proof, look at his Twitter. He’s really funny and really sweet. Since his Beatles years, Ringo chills. He’s relax. He is a drummer and everyone loves him. He made a lot of mistakes. He could be violent, he is alcoholic, he had problems with drugs but he finally took care of himself and now he’s clean. I think he is the nicest Beatle. He is really sweet and he deserves protection. You just can’t hate Ringo. He made songs like With A Little Help From My Friends, Yellow Submarine and Octopus’s Garden, which are great. There’s not a lot to say, but he deserves a lot of LOVE. Send him a nice message on Twitter. Tell him that he’s your favorite drummer. Protect him.

In General: They were all assholes okay. But great assholes. 

  • Their Girlfriends/Wives.

John: Cynthia Powell, Yoko Ono, May Pang.

Paul: Dot Rhone, Jane Asher, Linda Eastman, Heather Mills, Nancy Shevell.

George: Pattie Boyd, Olivia Trinidad Arias.

Ringo: Maureen Cox, Barbara Bach.

  • Important Thing.


and there’s also nudes of him. check by yourself.

  • Movies By Them.
  1. A Hard Day’s Night (1964).
  2. Help! (1965).
  3. Magical Mystery Tour (1967).
  4. Yellow Submarine (1968).
  5. Let It Be (1969).

WARNING: You need to know that Magical Mystery Tour is really awkward and no one knows what the fuck is going on. But they’re hot, so it’s okay.

so idk man, i guess it’s enough. if there’s something else you need to know, just ask me. it took me a lot of time to do this so yeah. welcome!

PS: this fandom is very awkward. just enjoy the beatles and ignore the drama. that’s an advice. 

and once you enter the fandom, there’s no escape. you’re stuck forever.