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Set Up // Lip Gallagher x Reader

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Summary: Lip and you like each other and not one of you knows that except for Ian. Ian sets the both of you up on a surprise date at the Alibi Room so that the two of you could get to know more and hopefully confess your love for Lip and Lip would do the same. 
A/N: This one is requested by an anonymous, and somewhere near the end of the story will have some dancing part. and you could choose any song you like! x Requests are still open so feel free! 

“Hey Ian, what does Y/N likes?” Lip asked. “Well, she likes listening to bands and she likes to drink shit tonnes of beer. She’s Y/N, Lip. She’s a simple girl.” Ian said getting up on his bed. “Are you sure? She doesn’t like flowers or take long walks at the beach?” Lip asked once again.

Ian rolled his eyes, putting on his shirt. “Yes, Lip. She loves having picnics too and listen to Justin Bieber on her car, squealing happily. No, Lip! Of course, she doesn’t like flowers and takes long walks at the beach!” Ian said. 

“Come on, man! Y/N’s your best friend, is there anything else she likes besides beers and listening to bands?” Lip asked. 

“Lip! Again! She’s a simple girl! give her beer and CDs of her favourite band, she’ll be really happy!” Ian said.  “Why can’t you just tell her you like her, Lip? I mean its simple, call her up and tell her you like her. And I bet you 50 bucks if she said that she likes you back!” 

“What if she said she likes me. BUT as a friend.” Lip said, looking up the ceiling. “Jesus Christ, Lip. I don’t care anymore, you’re on your own, Pal.” Ian said, going out of his room. Lip watched Ian leave the door and sighed. 

Ian walked down the stairs and saw his siblings eating their breakfast as Fiona makes the last breakfast for Lip and Ian. “Ian! Come eat breakfast!” Fiona smiled, gesturing Ian to the seat so he could eat. “Oh, sorry, Fi. I can’t today I have to go to work, Kash won’t be in. He and his wife are fighting again, so I have to take over.” Ian said, giving Fiona a kiss on the cheek before he heads out the door. “Bye, guys!” Ian said, leaving the house. 

“Bye!” everyone said. 

Ian arrived at the store to see Y/N reading a magazine. “Hey, Y/N,” Ian said going behind the counter. “Hey, Gallagher! How’s Lip? I never heard anything from him anymore? Is everything alright for him?” Y/N asked. “Yeah, he’s just busy with school stuff,” Ian said. “So anyway, how’s it going with Kash and Linda?” Ian asked. 

“Oh, Kash just left a minute ago. Actually, when he left , you came in.” Y/N said, putting down the magazine on her hand and started to stock some food on the shelves. “Let me do that for you and you work at the counter,” Ian said, walking towards Y/N, and he felt his phone vibrated in his pocket. He reached for his phone and saw he got a message from Lip. 

Hey, mind asking Y/N what kind of bands she likes to listen? I owe you big time, Ian. 

Ian sighed, putting back his phone in his pocket. He started to place all the food on the shelf, as he watched Y/N walked to the counter. Ian stopped working as he thought of a good idea for Y/N and Lip to be together but he started to have second thoughts that the idea of his won’t work. “fuck it.” Ian whispered. 

“Hey, Y/N. What are your favourite bands?” Ian asked Y/N as he started to put back the food on the shelf again. “Hmm, there’s a lot. I can’t think of any. They’re all good.” Y/N laughed. “Come on, there’s got to be that one band you really love,” Ian said. “Okay, Nirvana is my favourite. “ Y/N said. “Why’d you ask?” 

“I just need new songs on my phone, I’m starting to hate the music on my phone.” He laughed. “Oh, by the way, there’s this Hawaiian themed party at the Alibi tonight. Do you wanna come?” He asked Y/N, hoping she will say yes. 

“Sure! Will Lip be there?” Y/N asked. “Sure.” Ian smiled. “Cool.” Y/N smiled back at Ian, as she continued reading her magazine. Ian looked away and took out his phone texting Kevin. 

Ian: Hey, Kev, could you please set up a romantic table for Lip and Y/N later tonight at the Alibi. Probably cover the table with white cloth and put some flowers on the table and candles. And also put a sign that says ‘Hawaiian themed party inside” outside the Alibi. 

Kevin: yeah, sure will pal! 

Ian smiled, “yes!” he whispered to himself. He now then texted Fiona. 

Ian: Hey, Fi, can you cook a romantic meal today? And go to the Alibi, tell Kevin I sent it. I’m setting up Lip and Y/N on a date. They don’t know about it. So, please? 

Fiona: How sweet, sure! I’ll make spaghetti and some mashed potatoes! 

Ian turned off his phone, putting it back in his pocket and started to work.

h o u r s l a t e r

 The door opened at the store making Y/N and Ian look. “Hey, Kash, what’s wrong?” Y/N said. “Linda and I are good now. I settled everything, so you two can go home now and have some rest!” Kash said. 

“Cool, Let’s go Y/N, we’ve got a party to attend to!” Ian laughed, grabbing Y/N with him out the store. 

Once Ian arrived home he was greeted by Debbie when he came in.  “Hey, Ian,” Debbie said, carrying Liam. Ian greeted back as he went upstairs just to see Lip still in bed. “Damn, Lip. I’ve been out for like hours, and your still there.” Ian said, taking off his shoes and hopping to bed. “Yeah, cause I can’t think of anything that I can impress Y/N,” Lip said. “Well her favourite band is Nirvana. And there’ll be a Hawaiian themed party at the Alibi later.” Ian said. 

“Nope, not going today!” Lip said sitting back up in bed. “Y/N will be there.” Ian smiled. “What time is the party?” Lip asked. “Later, so you got 20 minutes to get ready!” Ian said. “Shit.” Lip jumped down his bed and ran to the bathroom for a quick shower. “Do you know what time Y/N will be there?” Lip shouted from the bathroom. “No, but I know she’ll be early,” Ian shouted back. 

Lip quickly dried himself inside the bathroom and went straight to the room and started to pick some clothes that could make Y/N be attracted to him. “Do you think Y/N will like this?” Lip asked. “Just wear it and go,” Ian said. 
“You’re not coming?” Lip asked. “I will. But I’ll go catch up.” Ian said.  Lip just nodded, “I can’t believe I’m going to see Y/N tonight!” Lip said running downstairs.

“Where are you going?” Carl asked him. “A party,” Lip said, opening the door. “Can I come?“ 

"Nope.” Lip slammed the door and headed to the Alibi Room. 

As Lip was near the Alibi Room, he then sees Y/N arriving, walking towards him. Y/N stopped right in front of Lip. “Hey. Are you here for the drinks too?” Y/N smiled at Lip. “Yeah, free drinks.” Lip laughed. 

Y/N smiled and looked down as Lip stared at her. Y/N cleared her throat. Lip snapped out of it, “Right! Let’s go in.” Lip opened the door and let Y/N enter first. Lip and Y/N saw the table, well prepared with candles and flowers. Kevin came out from the storage room for the beer and saw the two. “Great, you guys are here,” Kevin said, with a smile, placing the beer down on their table. “Come sit!" 

"Where’s the party?” Lip asked. “Oh, Ian set you guys up. He wanted the two of you to get to know each other.” Kevin said. Y/N smiled, “Well he did a pretty good didn’t he?” Y/N walked towards the table and sat down. “Aren’t you going to sit with me?” Y/N looked back at him. “Y-yeah. Sure.” Lip said, walking towards the table. 

Kevin went and get the food that was well prepared for the two. “For tonight’s menu is spaghetti with mashed potato. Made by the one and only Fiona Gallagher.” Kevin said. “And before I leave, a date will never be complete without a romantic music.” Kevin started to play some songs. “Well, Lip its all on you, man,” Kevin said, giving Lip a pat on the shoulder before heading out. 

“Ian’s dead when I get home,” Lip said, drinking beer. “It’s alright, I mean we do need to know more about one another, you know.” Y/N said as she started to eat her food. Lip smiled at her, “I like your shirt.” Lip said. Y/N looked down at her shirt, “Oh, it was just 10 dollar at a thrift store so I had to get it.” Y/N smiled. “Worth it,” Lip said. 

They went on and ate their dinner, happily and laughing at funny stories they’re talking about. “God, Lip. You’re a funny guy!” Y/N said. Y/N’s favourite song started to play and wiped her mouth with the towel that was placed on the table. “This is my favourite song! Come on dance with me!” Y/N stood up and offered Lip a hand. He took her hand and danced. Y/N placed her head on Lip’s chest. “I like you, Y/N,” Lip said. Y/N looked back up at him, “I like y-” she got interrupted by Lip. “As a friend? I knew that, fuck, I’m dumb. Sorry! I shouldn’t have done that. I knew you’ll say tha-" 

Y/N gave Lip a passionate kiss, making him hold her face. Lip broke the kiss and smiled. "You didn’t even let me finish.” Y/N said, wrapping her arms around Lip’s neck. “Well, I think I know what you’ll say anyway,” Lip said, kissing Y/N again. Y/N pushed Lip away and laughed as Lip continued to kiss her everywhere. 

Lip and Y/N spent their whole night dancing and getting drunk together until morning. “I love you, Ms. Y/L/N!” Lip shouted. Y/N laughed and shouted the same. “I love you too, Mr. Gallagher!" 

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Do you know how lit I get about Ian shit talking mick in s6? It literally took me almost a year to finish that season bc I couldn't stand the way he was being treated by everyone. Like even when Ian runs off w him in s7 Fiona tells Ian mick will burn down everything Ian has worked for. Like ???? I don't and will never understand why every character on the show treats him like shit ok I'm done thx for listening to my rant lol

i’ve had these in my notes since may but never had the chance to post them anywhere. they’ve all hated mickey since s1

1.03 karen/lip: mickey probably just wants to ask me out again. what, you’re not interested? if you like the smell of cow shit

1.07 kash/linda: what did you want me to do, shoot [mickey]? you’d probably get thank you cards

2.08 vee: that is the dirtiest white boy in america

3.07 mandy: since when does anyone need a reason to pistol-whip mickey?

3.10 lip/ian: how did we get this mixed up with two people from the milkovich family? bad parenting

3.12 lip: i guess the good thing about falling for mickey milkovich is you know you can always find someone better

4.11 ian: i realized what a pussy you are

5.08 lip/fiona: i thought mickey would be [at the hospital]. yeah? i didn’t

5.09 lip: heard you went to the clinic. mickey hold a gun to your head?

6.06 ian/caleb: my last boyfriend wasn’t much of a talker. his idea of a conversation was to insult me a bunch and then punch me right before we banged. you’re a victim of domestic abuse?

6.09 ian/mandy: the guy i’m dating is a fireman. […] upgrade from my brother

7.10 ian: mickey’s fucking nuts

7.10 fiona: you turned your life around. mickey would set a match to it. you’ve done really great without him

My Brother’s In Love [Pt. 1]

In which no one knows about Mickey and Ian and they slowly get their answers.

Lip never liked Kash. He was annoying, freaky and kept always let his wife walk all over him. Lip could stand the guy but really would rather not have to. So when he put two and two together after spotting Ian sporting one of Kash’s shoes and vice verse, he realised that, yep, the old creep was fucking his little brother.

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** This is an updated version of the shameless drinking game that Jill (mm-milkovich) and I created last summer, so it includes season 4 now. ENJOY!


  1. Every time you see naked boobs.
  2. Every time they mention ROTC or military.
  3. Every time Fiona is at a new job.
  4. Every time Sheila shows her agoraphobia.
  5. Frank does something shitty to the kids
  6. Every time Fiona gets laid
  7. Whenever Frank offers a round to the bar – bonus drink when he actually follows through with it.
  8. Every time Vee does medical things.
  9. Every time Fiona questions the other kids motives behind something.
  10. Every time Jimmy/Steve flashes his money.
  11. Every time the family mentions paying a bill or groceries or money of any sorts.
  12. Every time Lip – the smart kid – does or says something stupid.
  13. Every time Debbie or Carl does something nice for Frank.
  14. Jimmy/Steve and Fiona have a fight.
  15. Every time Fiona isn’t wearing a bra.
  16. What you missed last week.
  17. Every time Kev and Vee have kinky sex.
  18. Every time Linda yells at Kash.
  19. Every time it is mentioned that Frank never pays his tab at the Alibi Room
  20. Every time Frank worries about getting paid by the government (ie disability checks, fraud injuries)
  21. Whenever Ian is working at the Kash and Grab (mentioned or otherwise)
  22. Whenever Mickey denies his feelings for Ian
  23. Whenever Kevin or Vee mentioned babies or having kids.


  1. Every time Lip has a run in with the law.
  2. Every time Ian is in army wear.
  3. Every time someone gets robbed.
  4. Lip and Ian have a heart to heart.
  5. Every time they mention that Lip’s full name is Phillip/he’s called Phillip.
  6. Monica is in an episode.
  7. Every time Frank is brought home drunk.
  8. Every time Fiona breaks down and cries.
  9. Awkward slomo scene.
  10. Every time they make fun of glee.
  11. Kash and Grab sign is seen.
  12. Every time Karen is a mega bitch.
  13. Cute family moment.
  14. Every time Mandy is jealous of Karen.
  15. Frank gets kicked out.
  16. Carl drinks.
  17. Frank goes missing
  18. Every time Frank does something homosexual.
  19. Every time someone gets punched/beat up
  20. Every time Carl does something psychopathic.
  21. Mickey makes a threat.
  22. You see a naked butt.
  23. Every time Mickey doesn’t understand Russian.
  24. Every time Mickey hates on old skeezy men.
  25. Every time Sammi does something creepy with Frank.
  26. Whenever Fiona hates on the Milkoviches.
  27. Awkward moments between Mandy and Lip.
  28. Every time Debbie obsesses with her virginity.
  29. Every time Chucky is eating.
  30. Every time Liam is at College.
  31. Every time Carl bullies someone/it is mentioned that he’s a Bully.
  32. Mickey and Ian are a domesticated couple.
  33. Whenever Ian is wearing Guy-liner.

FINISH DRINK (Three drinks if you’ve already finished a drink in the episode)

  1. Someone refers to Jimmy/Steve as Jimmy/Steve.
  2. Every time Mickey gets shot.
  3. Every time Mickey gets out of jail.
  4. Every time Lip thinks sex can cure homosexuality.
  5. Every time someone is at the train station.
  6. Lip and Ian have a fight.
  7. Every time Mandy is oblivious to the fact that Ian and Mickey are fucking.
  8. Every time Debbie gets mad at Frank/beats Frank up.
  9. Every time Terri tries to kill Ian.
  10. Everyone Mickey gets angry about someone calling him gay.
  11. Ian calls Mickey “Mick”
  12. Every time Mickey initiates a kiss with Ian.