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But like… Imagine River Heights a few years before Nancy was even born.

  • Kate and Carson doing cute couple things that you can really only get away with in a picturesque small town, liking riding a tandem bike or having picnics on top of office buildings.
  • BFFs Antonia Scallari and Linda Petrov staring down anyone who even tries to talk to them because they don’t have time for anyone. They’re too busy listening to boy bands and blowing bubble gum.
  • Junior Detective McGinnis keeping his town safe, and considering growing a mustache. Toddler John Ryan watching McGinnis catch a thief and telling his moms he wants to be a detective when he grows up!
  • The Drews becoming close friends with the Marvins, and the four of them convincing the Faynes to move into a new house on their block.
  • Hannah Gruen and Rose Green working together at the high school. Hannah talks about how she’s considering looking into starting a housekeeping business, and Rose starts saving so she can one day start a hotel.
  • The Chisholms visiting all the way from Scotland to spend time with Kate and Carson, exploring the town, and even stopping into Alexei’s antique shop. This was during Alexei’s regretful long hair years.
  • Carson taking a chance and starting his own law firm, working closely with McGinnis to (as Kate put it) “put the bad guys away in a more legal and less dangerous manner”.
Mick Davies Appreciation

1. Mick was an orphan living on the streets as a pick-pocketer before a member of the British Men of Letters placed him in Kendricks Academy.

2. He was forced to kill his best friend when he was little and was haunted by the memory since. :(

3. Like Cas, he was trained to follow a rigid code growing up and began to question the Letters’ harsh rules after spending time with Sam and Dean.

4. He eventually stood up to Dr. Hess in defense of Sam, Dean, and Eileen and rejection of the code, only to be executed by Ketch.

5. His motivation was never diabolical. Even when he was serving the British Men of Letters, he only wanted to do what was right.

6. He dresses a little bit like Cas and shares some of his physical characteristics, doesn’t he? lol what a coincidence

7. His last words were, “I choose to do the right thing.” :’(

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Just; C.H. 14

Tonight is the night I can say I’ve seen it all. The boys started chugging sangria as if it were lemonade. I probably should’ve told them that Linda likes to use the cheapest wine she can find for her brewing – which means instant intoxication and a hell of a hangover the morning after. I have made that mistake once upon arriving here, and ever since then I have steered away from anything she made that contained some sort of wine or wine-lookalikes.

Sherilyn, the shyest girl I know – well she was when we were sixteen, anyway – is openly flirting with Ashton Irwin, who is probably the least intoxicated of them all. Ashton seems to be reciprocating though and I pull an overly intoxicated Michael, Luke and Calum away to grant our babies some privacy. This caused a chain reaction of whining twenty-something guys, suddenly all of them dispersing to either gather more drinks, find something to smoke or score.

“Oh my god.” I groan, suddenly regretting not doing shots with the boys and being fairly sober still. I’m not to get completely wasted and make a fool out of myself, but a drink once in a while, I would never turn down. I liked the small buzz I’d receive whenever I’d be three glasses deep.

“Y/n!” I swiftly turn my head, my hand clutching the ladle, absentmindedly stirring the chopped up fruit bits in the bowl of sangria in our kitchen. “Calum?”
“I think sex is better than logic, but I can’t prove it.” Calum wiggles his eyebrows and I actually have no idea what that even means. He steps closer, stopping right in front of me, his fingers toying with the hem of my dress absentmindedly. I think he might have found some stashed away vodka because no chance in hell he gets this drunk by just a bit of bad wine.

“Keep talking, someday you’ll say something intelligent.” I chuckle, Calum’s eyes widen drastically when my words sink in before he scoffs. “How fucking mean of you.” He pulls my dress shortly but roughly, his bottom lip poking out as he tries to glare in my general direction but it falters almost immediately.
“Oh, don’t be a baby Calum. I don’t like you pouting.” I slap his cheek twice in short taps, Calum’s hands finding my waist as he pinches the skin there briefly.

“Can I stay over?” Calum slurs, slowly blinking as I see him visibly sway on his feet. I chuckle, my hands immediately raising to steady him. “Of course, big boy. Otherwise I would feel as a horrible friend.” I laugh, shaking my head as I already start guiding him towards the staircase, motioning to Luke, my hand representing a glass as I ‘knock it back’. Luke laughs and gives me a thumbs up, turning back towards Michael and chatting away.

“You could never be a bad friend, you’re too nice.” Calum giggles, the sound sounding like music in my tired, oversensitive ears. I close my bedroom door behind me as soon as we’re both inside, Calum dropping like a dead weight on my bed.
“Since when are you such a light weight?”

“Always with wine.” He mumbles, turning on his back, eyes still closed. His body is portraying a starfish on my sheets as he kicks his shoes off of his feet. It takes him over twenty minutes before he sits up and forms a coherent sentence again, his back pressed against the wall.
“Come sit.” He mumbles to the space between his splattered out legs, lazy grin on his lips and his eyes drifting closed.

“Are you sure you won’t puke all over my back?” I chuckle, dropping onto the bed and crawling over to the space he’s still slowly patting. “Nah, I’m sobering up. Bad wine Y/n, damn.”
“Blame Linda. She’s a sucker for cheap headache wine.” I laugh, pressing my back against his chest, his hands encircling my waist. “These parties are killing me slowly.” Calum laughs underneath his breath, lips pressed against my neck momentarily, his head keeping its place there as he waits for me to say something.

“It feels like all we do lately is party. Is that really all that a college life has to offer?” I sigh, fingertips trailing over Calum’s lower arm. A small smile graces my lips when I see the hairs peak up momentarily, goose flesh covering his tan skin.
“So alcohol turns you into a philosopher. Note to self: do not get Y/n drunk.” Calum laughs and I jab my elbow in his ribs, a loud huff emanating from them, making a grin reappear on my lips almost instantly. “Don’t be a dick.”

“If you want to do something else, you just have to say so, Y/n.” Calum breathes against my skin, his lips pressing against my exposed shoulder. “What? There isn’t anything exciting to do.”
“Exactly.” I let my eyes drift closed, lips slightly parted as my senses go in overload from Calum’s gentle touches. His hands raise and his fingers start kneading my tense shoulders, the tension that had settled over the day already dissipating when I’m near him.

“What a sad, boring life.” I chuckle, leaning forward so Calum would have more access to my sore spots and he immediately gets it, lowering his hands along my back, gently pressing his slender fingers in my flesh. “Go out with your friends? Start planning your road trip? Go on holiday with me, I don’t know.” Calum casually states, his outstretched hands slowly rubbing up and down my back.

“On holiday with you? Really?” I turn my head, body slowly coming along as I grin at my new found best friend. Calum shrugs his shoulders, an uncomfortable smile etched on his lips. “You make it sound like I’m a complete lunatic.” His words draw a giggle from my lips as I turn my body ninety degrees, my legs dropping over his left, jeans clad leg.
“If you think you’d survive a few days alone with me, sure. Why not.” I grin, slapping his chest lightly while shaking my head. A yawn follows immediately after.

“Wanna go to bed?” I hum in response to Calum, pushing my tired body off of the bed – and in some way, him – to rid myself off the dress and throw an oversized shirt over my head.
As I turn back around, Calum’s eyes are glued to my behind and I snap my fingers near my face, amused grin visible. “Never thought I’d say it. Eyes up here Cal.”

Calum reciprocates with an eye roll of his own, discarding his way too tight skinny jeans on the floor near the bed, his shirt following suit after. “Come ‘ere.” He mumbles, holding out his arm and I drop onto the bed roughly, partially landing on him, momentarily knocking the wind right out of him.
“Sorry.” I giggle, making myself more comfortable and pulling the sheets over our bodies.
“Good night, Y/n.” I hum in response, patting his bare chest, the beating of his heart steadily lulling me into a dreamless sleep.


“Did you – “ Linda wiggles her eyebrows to imply the obvious, both of her hands cupped around a steaming cup of coffee, her frame leaning against the counter of our kitchen.
I roll my eyes as I push past her, filling my own porcelain cup with the brown wake-me-up and dropping onto one of the chairs. “No, he just stayed over.”

“Oh god, you’re so deep in the friend zone it’s embarrassing.” I raise my head, eyes focussing from my cup to my dorm mate to shoot a glare her way. “Taking care of each other while drunk? Friend zone, family or gay. And I don’t think our Calum is gay.” Linda chuckles loudly, setting her cup down. I silence her immediately when I hear Calum’s loud footsteps on the floor above us, soon after we hear the stairs creaking. “No jokes, Lin. I warn you.” I glare once her way, focussing back on my cup so Calum wouldn’t suspect anything while walking in.

“Mornin’.” Calum mumbles, his clothing from yesterday back on his body as he tiredly rubs his eyes. I wink in his general direction and he steps closer, leaning down to press his lips to my cheek, only briefly, his hands curling around my cup of coffee as he claims it as his own, lips pressed against the rim. “Thanks.”

“Hey, that’s mine!” I groan, my arms raising to try and retrieve my needed wake-me-up cup, Calum being too tall for me while sitting down. “Did you know Ashton is laying in a bed with your mate? Completely passed out if I can say. And by the way, you throw one hell of a party, Lin. Damn.” Calum chuckles, his voice hoarse as he hands me my half empty cup back. His fingers thread through my unruly hair and I realize how horrible I must look right now. My hands immediately start to mat my hair against my scalp, Calum’s hands only pushing it back up. “Looks cute.” He grins, redirecting his attention back to Linda who is staring us down with a stupid, love struck grin on her features.

“Did Sher and Ash fuck?” Linda gasps, hand in front of her mouth as her eyes widen in my direction. I chuckle but shrug my shoulders all together. “She’s into him. Why not.” I sort of dismiss the conversation there with a certain look towards Linda but of course I expect all the gory, juicy details as soon as I get Sherilyn alone.

“Your frat isn’t the only one that knows how to party, Hood.” Linda pats his shoulder as she passes us, winking in my direction and disappearing from sight. Thank god she actually dropped it.
“Tell me I at least behaved last night.” Calum groans as his fingers land on my shoulder, softly kneading my tender flesh. I lean against the back rest of the chair, closing my eyes and resting my head against Calum’s abdomen.

“Well I realized you’re pretty good at giving massages, so expect to give me some more often.” I breathe heavily, peeking one eye open to see Calum grin down at me.
“Of course I’d screw myself that horribly. Well I expect some in return then.”

My hands raise to curl around Calum’s wrist to stop his motion, scrunching my face up at him. “I can’t promise you I won’t hurt you though.” I chuckle, pushing myself onto my feet, turning around and dropping my now empty cup in the sink. “Oh, and you asked if I wanted to go on vacation with you.” I giggle, my hand covering my mouth as I raise my eyebrows to a perplexed Calum.

“I’m actually pretty curious how that would turn out.” Calum grins, his arms winding around my neck as he hauls my smaller frame against his in a tight, but still gentle hug. “Badly, me dragging your drunk ass along the street. People would think I’m trying to ditch a dead body.” I laugh against his shirt, my fingers ticking along his side so he’ll let his vice grip loosen so I can escape.

He lets go of me but his words stop me, fingers brushing along my arm as he tries to stop me from walking out of the spacious kitchen.

“This local band is playing tonight. Do you want to go?”


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Crowley Appreciation

I love Crowley. Always have, always will. Here are seven reasons why:

1. Mark Sheppard. He is a fantastic actor. I love his accent. I love his relationship with J2M. I don’t want him off the show. 

2. Crowley has delivered some of the best lines in Supernatural. He is deliciously sardonic and hilarious.

3. He is one of the best villains the show has ever had because there is so much depth to his character, and Crowley has never underestimated the Winchesters, which is why he is still alive.

4. He balances out the spectrum of main characters on the show - where Cas is the angel on the brothers’ shoulders, he is the devil. This is very important.

5. He is not replaceable. After all the years he has been on the show, it would be impossible to fill the giant empty space he would leave if he was written off. Think about it.

6. Crowley’s character development is not over yet. Like Cas, he is still trying to figure out what he is. And, like Cas, he is hated by every one of his own kind due to his attachment to the Winchesters. That makes him interesting.

7. “Not moose.”


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Valentine’s Day Post: Favorite Horror Movie Couples

Fist: Freddy and Tina (The Return of the Living Dead 1985), Frank and Anna (Maniac 2012), Julie and Ray (I Know What You Did Last Summer 1997), Dan and Megan (Re-Animator 1985)

Second: Seth and Veronica (The Fly 1986), Ash and Linda (The Evil Dead 1981), Sidney Prescott and Billy Loomis (Scream 1996), Julia and Frank (Hellraiser 1987)

Third: Lionel and Paquita (Dead Alive 1992) Chucky and Tiffany (Bride of Chucky 1998), Ed and Lorraine (The Conjuring 2013), Dewey Riley and Gale Weathers (Scream 1996)