você é linda.

por dentro e por fora,

com todas as manias, defeitos, crises, falhas e traumas.

você é importante 

e mesmo com toda a sua humanidade, tem o direito de ser feliz. 

se felicidade é questão de ser, então seja.

deixa eu contar as pintinhas das tuas costas, 

ligando-as com a ponta do meu indicador elas formam a constelação mais linda que já vi.

Things that probably happened on lucifer that we may never see:

-Lucifer and maze clothes shopping when they first arrived on earth
-lucifer and maze going to ikea and home depot to furnish lux
-lucifer applying eyeliner everyday (yes, yes he does)
-lucifer fitting in 50 years of pop culture into 5 years
-this includes watching the parent trap, E.T, the weponizer films annd hot tub high school ( and all of penelope deckers movies apparently)
-amenadial staying on earth long enough to get a taste for fine wine, steak, cosmos and scented candels (my boy is fancy)
-amenadial decorating his house in a minimalist all white aestethic.
-amenadial buying a car ( that maze would eventually blow up)
-ella stealing cars (with her friend Adolf)
-lucifer giving a man “the best night of his life” using vaseline and a car battery?
- young linda being a phone sex operator from her colledge dorm (iconic)
- dan abandoning his wedding planning to go watch a movie.
-Lucifer at some point learning to play Brittany spears “oops i did it again” on piano