i need to stop being so lazy and actually do something instead of sitting around like go swimming or running or do some crunches haha. im feeling restless yet i dont want to actually get up and do anything alone, id rather sit and do nothing alone. it seems less pathetic. but then again im on vacation, who gives a fuck.

the only good thing is that i feel like i cant be crazy here, the atmosphere evokes a different way of thinking. i feel like im removed from the horrible nonsense of society i loathe so much when im home. nothing is real and being here is the most real/unreal thing ive experienced in awhile. emphasis on being content with the realness. youll only understand if you get “it”, and who really does? (lincynation thats who)

but then again maybe im going crazy right now, but atleast i feel unusually normal. perhaps not happy or basic, but atleast normal not primarily paranoid or anxious most of the time. just content