May: Picture A Day

I skipped Tuesday spin today. I did fully intend to go, I woke up early and everything but upon getting out of bed and putting some weight on my left foot it instantly hurt and I realised that I was best off resting it this morning. Hopefully I will be in top shape for yoga tomorrow morning. 

It’s another beautiful day over London Town (incidentally why do people call it “London Town” when it is clearly an enormous city?) and I came to work feeling rather spritely. I walked from Holborn tube, through Lincoln’s Inn Fields where the dappled light coming through the trees was dazzling, through historical and magnificent Lincoln’s Inn which makes my heart ache, behind the Royal Courts of Justice and along the Strand onto Fleet Street. I am lucky indeed to work in such a beautiful place, steeped in history and tradition, constantly filled with a buzz of excitement. I absolutely love London. 

Currently I have a little photo project going on, having taken inspiration from a friend of mine who did the same thing a little while back. It’s called “May: Picture A Day” and the idea is to take a picture of something every single day for the whole month. I’m using my Blackberry and uploading each shot directly to Facebook. So far it’s a lot of fun because I enjoy looking out for something nice to capture and share. It’s a great way to find more beauty in the world, to make new memories and to preserve little moments that would otherwise be lost in the sands of time. 

Fun and useless facts 

The man in the picture is Judah Benjamin.  He was the first Jewish member of the US Senate.   And if you count the Confederacy as an American government, he was the first non-Protestant cabinet member.  He was originally Attorney-General and found it boring.  President David made him Secretary of War and then Secretary of State.  After the War, he left for England and at age 53 became a member of Lincoln’s Inn, i.e. a barrister.  He also appeared on the Confederate two dollar bill.

But perhaps his best achievement was being expelled from Yale for ‘ungentlemanly behavior,’ probably with another gentleman.  

Original advertisement for a London wig maker D.Cook in the 18th century. The Star and Peruke was located near Lincoln’s Inn Fields on Carey St which remains a favourite meeting place for barristers and lawyers today. Anyone been to Carey St lately?? Which building do you think it may have been?? Would love to know.
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