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New York. Abraham Lincoln’s Funeral Procession, April 25th, 1865.

These Photos taken looking up Broadway toward Union Square. The squarish house left of center is the home of Cornelius Roosevelt, Theodore’s grandfather, and what is great about these is you can see in the first photo, 6 year old Theodore and his brother Elliot looking out the second floor side window. The second photo shows the shutters closed, presumably after the two were caught in the act. 

The last picture is young Master Roosevelt from roughly the same time. 

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i just found out!!! that i share the same birthday as Theodore Roosevelt!!! do you have any facts on him? if you do, could you please share them?

  • As a child, Roosevelt witnessed the Abraham Lincoln funeral procession. 
  • Theodore Roosevelt had a really, really good memory. Roosevelt claimed he had a photographic memory, but it is a statement that can’t be easily proven today. 
  • Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt were fifth cousins. Eleanor Roosevelt was Theodore’s niece. And Uncle Theodore presented the bride at Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s wedding.
  • Roosevelt was the first President to win a Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Roosevelt was a prolific writer. Aided by his excellent memory and his always-high energy level, TR wrote about 35 books in his lifetime and an estimated 150,000 letters. And he did write an autobiography!He was also the father of the modern U.S. Navy. 
  • Roosevelt was a grad college dropout. 
  • Roosevelt was blind in one eye after a boxing injury in the White House. 
  • His mother and his first wife died on the same day. On Valentine’s Day in 1884, Roosevelt’s mother passed away from typhoid fever. One floor above in the same house, his first wife, Alice, died less than 12 hours later from Bright’s disease and complications from giving birth to the couple’s first child just two days before. 
  • Roosevelt went skinny-dipping in the Potomac River.
  • Roosevelt was the first sitting president to leave the country.
  • He volunteered to lead an infantry unit in World War I. The ex-president was eager to return to the front lines. Roosevelt lobbied President Woodrow Wilson to send him to France at the head of a 200,000-man expeditionary force. Around the country, supporters of the hero of San Juan Hill staged rallies of support. 
  • Roosevelt would not get called to fight in the war that eventually claimed his son Quentin, who was killed in action when his plane was shot down over France in 1918.
  • Roosevelt had been a Sunday school teacher, he believed strongly in the separation of Church and State. While taking the oath of office during his inauguration after McKinley’s assassination, he did not swear on the Bible.
  • President Roosevelt was the first president to be commonly known by his initials.
  • 1910, Roosevelt took a four minute flight in a plane built by the Wright brothers, making him the first president to fly in an airplane.
  • Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest president, assuming the office at the age of 42 after President McKinley was assassinated. 
  • 1912, Roosevelt was campaigning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when a local saloon-keeper shot him. The bullet lodged in his chest after passing through a jacket pocket containing his steel eyeglass case and a copy of his 50 page speech which had been folded in half. Being an anatomist, Roosevelt concluded that since he wasn’t coughing blood the bullet had not penetrated the chest wall into his lung. He declined immediate treatment and gave his 90 minute speech with blood seeping from the wound into his shirt. 

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Full page illustration for Smithsonian Magazine’s Collectors Edition of the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. The article, “The People’s Weeping,” focused on Lincoln’s funeral train and the outpouring of grief from mourners.

It’s really an honor to be in Smithsonian Magazine, especially in such a special issue. Kind of a funny story, when I got the assignment, I was wearing sunglasses that have little Lincolns in the corners - it was just meant to be!

 Thanks to my art director Erik Washam!

I Don’t Care, I’m Looking At You

For everyone who hates Clarke’s outfit. Esp. @cupcakesandtv, @ariadneskywalker and @quentanilien.

Summary: The clothes aren’t her.

Pretend they don’t immediately take off in the rover following Lincoln/Sinclair’s funeral. Post-312.

The morning after, the air in Arkadia is sharp and everyone remains on edge. Monty suggests they get a solid night of sleep before taking off to find Luna. Nobody really protests, not after the day they had.

Clarke finds herself in the abandoned med center, where there are a few cots with threadbare blankets strewn across them. She didn’t actually have her own quarters in Arkadia. Not since she left, not since she stayed in Polis, so this would have to do.

Looking down at her attire, she sighs. It’s clunky and heavy, not anything she wants to sleep in. Her fingers start working against the dozens of small clasps and hooks and metal bars that hold the grounder armor in place.

There’s a mirror on one wall, rusted and cracked, but she can see her reflection, nonetheless. Shrugging off the large coat, Clarke stares at herself in the simple black undershirt that remains. Swallowing hard, she begins to work her fingers through the last of the braids that still adorned her head, working her fingers gingerly through the knots that have worked their way into being.

She keeps staring, thinking that she’ll see herself. Thinking that she’ll see the Clarke she was four months ago, a year ago, before. Her breathing picks up, shallow and hoarse, her whole body erupts into anger.

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the 1OO 3x12 brief recap

here’s what u missed on kidz bop game of thrones meets a low budget horror film:

  • the fans asked, “wow, could this show get any worse?” jflop heard us and answered our prayers. “yes! yes it can!” and he tried out a horror genre for absolutely no reason
  • miller is telling a horror story and his bf is like “can u not” and miller’s like “imma do it” and then he gets abducted bc he was being a lil shit
  • the delinquents go back to arkadia and bellamy and clarke stood next to each other for .2 seconds so i’m sure the blarkes nutted and wrote 20K words of fanfic about it already
  • raven was like “hey clarke u banged lexa, how do i activate her AI” and clarke was like “wow this is a great way to incorporate lexa into the storyline!” but then it turned out to be bullshit and they never mentioned her again
  • meanwhile in Polis^TM emori makes a guest star appearance and she’s like “hey murphy u want some succ” and murphys like “hell yep” so they sneak off into the sacred room to bang bc it’s not like they’ll both be murdered if they get caught but idk that might be their kink
  • the delinquents are all getting captured by some guy and there’s creepy horror music playing and it’s really boring and predictable
  • the guy is emerson because why the fuck not, nothing else makes sense anymore anyways
  • there’s a music box playing creepy music in the middle of the hallway for some reason?? anyways it has emerson’s son’s name on the bottom and it’s “aaron”, remember this, this will be important later (except not really)
  • clarke is like “imma go towards the creepy music” and monty’s like “why are u stupid all of a sudden and clarke is like “jrot ruined my character development” and monty’s like “bitch me too the fuck!!”
  • they go towards the creepy music and surprise emerson tries to abduct them but he only gets monty cuz it’s the most predictable plot in the world
  • octavia cries for a hot second abt lincoln and then jasper’s like “wtf why u cryin u a girl” and octavia is like “oh yeah i 4got i gotta suck it up” and jasper’s like “damn right”
  • murphy tells emori “yah ontari’s a crazy bitch she doesn’t even have the flame lmao” and emori’s like “lmao i totally won’t use this against u later” except she totally does
  • bellamy and clarke go on a mission to save everyone and clarke is like “shit u know what i let emerson live this is my fault” and bellamy just looks at her in silent agreement
  • what a Good Guy
  • the blorg dream team goes to save raven and sinclair but ends up doing a terrible job and sinclair dies
  • oh yeah did i mention sinclair is the only person raven has left that is even remotely her family
  • yeah he gotta die
  • raven must Suffer
  • raven is real sad about it and rightfully so but she doesn’t mourn him bc she’s a girl she gotta suck it up
  • bellamy and clarke r like “shit our bad” and emerson abducts raven so they go on a second rescue mission hoping this one will be better
  • clarke is like “anyways im gonna go and let him kill me” and bellamy’s like “y” and clarke is like “cuz i wanna save ppl and also i’m ready to die” and bellamy’s like “but then how will i stick my dick up ur hoo ha” and clarke’s like “can i seriously die now”
  • clarke goes to save em and bellamy follows behind with a gun and emerson’s like “wtf i know bellamy is w u this is the most predictable shit of my life” and bellamy’s like “i’m not here!!” and emerson’s like “i gonna kill ur sis” and beachball starts cryin and handcuffs himself to the wall and clarke is like “this is why i didnt want to bring u”
  • everyone gets tortured for 5 minutes before clarke saves their dumbasses
  • clarke is like “aaron wouldnt want u to kill them” or somethin and emerson’s like “DON’T SAY HIS NAME” and he gets upset it was just real dumb and clarke sticks lexa the friendly chip in his neck and lexa kills him
  • clarke is like “thanks lex” and lexa’s like “np i’m killin ppl from beyond the grave like a BADASS” and clarke is like “im gonna put u up my vagoober later” and lexa is like “thank god”
  • princess mechanic hug!!!!!
  • they do a makeshift funeral for lincoln and that’s when “a hero’s funeral” gets played and octavia cries and then everyone’s like “y u cryin u a girl” and she’s like “u right” so they peace out
  • meanwhile in Polis^TM
  • ontari is doing heda stuff and jaha shows up out of nowhere and murphy’s like “oH FCK NOT THIS GUY!!” and jaha’s like “i know u aint the real commander emori told me” and murphy’s like “god dammit” and ontari’s like “time to die” and jaha’s like “if u kill murphy i wont tell u how to be commander” so murphy gets taken to prison again
  • jaha gives ontari a city of light chip ???????
  • this is the stupidest shit i’m about to tell u dont even fucking,,, i cant
  • ALIE is the new commander
  • i’m not even kidding
  • the episode ends with her sitting on the throne with ontari and jaha by her side
  • so glad they killed lexa for this
  • the episode ends with lexa having a good ol’ time up clarke’s vagina
  • the end
'The Walking Dead': Andrew Lincoln Previews The 'Dream-Like' Midseason Premiere
Here's what happens when the Gang moves north...

@dynamicsymmetry, I found the interview that quotes AL as saying, “‘The interesting thing about the [Virginia] decision was it was the only physical way they could honor Beth.’” ;)


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The Boys in the Window

April 24, 1865, Union Square, New York City, New York.

As a funeral cortege carries the body of slain President Abraham Lincoln through the streets of New York City, the small heads of two young boys are visible as they watch the procession from the second-story window of their grandfather’s home.

Forty years later, one of those boys would think back to that day as he wore a ring which contained a lock of Lincoln’s hair, placed his hand in the air and said, “I, Theodore Roosevelt, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

The other little boy was Theodore’s younger brother, Elliott, the father of future First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt.

And you wonder why I find this stuff so fascinating.

anonymous asked:

yeah they did a double funeral for lincoln and sinclair (bellamy went and found lincolns body from somewhere and carried it back into camp SO REPENTANT HE IS) and everybody said "yu gonplei ste odon" except bell and then he quietly said it after a sec. then there were long shots of him and clarke staring into the fire, then him staring at octavia with the fire behind him. SO REPENTANT!!!!!!! doesnt your heart BLEED for him??

do you think the network would approve of a name change this late in the game. i have a proposition:

More convinced than ever that 3x12 will conclude with a ‘funeral’ for Lincoln. They might even find his body (wasn’t Ricky on set for 3x12 filming? Hence my desperate hope that he might survive past 3x09?)

Bellamy won’t feel like he deserves to be there, and will take himself off for an alone moment - which will lead perfectly into his emotional breakdown in 3x13 that will lead to the hug.

Orrrrr…none of this will happen BUT MAYBE.