Death: *wakes up in bed with War*

Death, immediately nopeing away: Not today Satan

Death: Actually, I wish you HAD been Lucifer. That would’ve been better.

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Hey! I really love your writing and I don't know if you accept prompts at the moment but whenever you have time could please write one where Bellamy and Clarke's son/daughter get away with everything on the camp because they're Clarke and Bellamy's kid, like it can be with Wick, or Raven, or Sinclair or Kane but they love then too much to stay mad at them! (you decide if it's a boy or a girl) I'll love you forever if you write this <3 thanks in advance!

this took an obscene amount of time and I’m so sorry but I hope you like it!

“Shit, Ellie! Watch your hands!” 

Wick springs up from behind his workbench and grabs Aurelia’s hand before it can touch the hot metal rod cooling on the table. She looks up at him with her big blue eyes and bats her eyelashes, an adorable grin spreading across her chubby cheeks. 

Wick sighs and rubs a hand over his face. “Jesus, kid. Do you know what your mommy and daddy would do to me if you got hurt on my watch?”

“Would you watch your mouth?” Raven snaps from across the room. Then she looks to the five year old and she softens. “Come sit with Aunt Raven, okay, Ellie? Do you want to talk to the baby?” [AO3]

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Bellamy Blake x Reader (Part 4)

It had been a few weeks since your escape from the Sky People’s camp. You were finally home and your life was back to normal. Of course, you were scolded by your father for the first couple of days of your return. He was worried you would run off again and maybe never come back.

You had almost completely forgotten about the incident and Bellamy, when Lincoln started taking an interest in the Sky People two weeks ago. It was basically all he would talk about. His sudden interest of the Sky People made you curious as to what had sparked it. You were a little annoyed of Lincoln’s secrecy lately. He had been avoiding you and you hadn’t really seen him this past week. You were starting to worry about his well-being. With this in mind, you set out to his cave to check if he was there.

You were surprised to see how messy it was in there. Knowing Lincoln, he was a pretty tidy person so it was rather peculiar to see his place in this state. As you continued to analyze the mess that was made, you realized that The mess was caused by some kind of fight. The small droplets of blood on the floor confirmed your fears. There was also a chain, locked to the wall. Was he keeping something here? Or someone?

You quickly pieced together Lincoln’s absence and why he had taken such an interest in the Sky People. You feared the worst had come to your friend and you just hoped that you weren’t right.

You spent the next day gathering provisions and making arrows for your “rescue mission” in case anything has gotten out of hand. You had an idea of where Lincoln might be, but only hoped that you would be proven wrong by the time you got there. You waited for the night to come so you can be enveloped in the safety of the darkness.

You knew you were near the camp of the Sky People when you saw the glow of their fire and could hear the laughter of the kids inside. You snuck in through the same way that you had escaped the last time you had been there. As you made your way to the big metal place that they called the “dropship” you were met by a tall boy with goggles on his head. You froze in fear. When he opened his mouth, you thought he might call the others to attack you. Instead he just shoved what seemed to be nuts in his mouth and smiled at you. You just stared at him for a while, in confusion until he finally spoke.

“Hey you know, you look a lot like that Grounder that we found a while ago. The one that escaped. Remember her? God she was gorgeous. You are too, since you look like her” he smiled at you as he continued to eat his nuts.

You blushed at his words but was struck with the realization of what he was eating. Jobi Nuts. You almost started laughing as he continued to speak nonsense to you. You scanned the rest of the camp and realized that everybody had their fair share of Jobi Nuts. If not for your current mission, you would have sat back and enjoyed watching the kids act out their hallucinations and do all kinds of crazy things. You then remembered that you had to look for Lincoln. Before leaving the strange boy with goggles alone, you smiled and took this as an opportunity.

You turned to him with pretended horror and yelled, “You’re on fire! You’re on fire!” You covered your mouth to hide your smile and watched as his eyes widened. He was jumping up and down, dropping to the ground, screaming. He was doing anything to put out the imaginary fire. He finally turned towards the others and screamed, “Fire! I’m on fire!”

This resulted in everyone else running around, screaming “fire”. With one last glance to the chaos you had just caused, you laughed and went into the dropship. You sighed and climbed up to your former cell. As you shut the door and looked up, you couldn’t believe your eyes. You found Lincoln. Cuts and bruises all over his body and face, a swollen eye, and chained up to each side of the ship. You couldn’t believe your eyes. You gasped in horror, tears threatening to escape your eyes.

“Lincoln?” You asked in a quiet voice. His head was still down and your heart dropped to your stomach. Was he dead? You were soon interrupted by the mumblings and grunts of the boy that had probably been his guard. You noticed the empty package he had in his hand and were relieved to see that he too, ate the Jobi Nuts. You calmly opened the door for him to climb down the ladder, closing it after him.

You rushed to Lincoln and shook him. “Lincoln? Lincoln please wake up.” You whispered. He finally moved and looked up. ‘Thank God, he’s alive’ you thought.

“Y/N? Is that really you?” He questioned you weakly.

“The one and only.” You smiled, happy to know that he was alive. He suddenly shot up, eyes wide with fear.

“No no no. You can’t be here. They’ll catch you. Please no. I can’t let them take you” he pleaded.

“Shhh. Calm down. It’s all taken care of.” You said assuring him as you were trying to free him from the chains.

“Wha-what are you doing here, Y/N?” He asked quietly.

“Rescuing the damsel in distress.” You said with a smirk.

He laughed at your joke and shook his head. “How did you know where I was?”

“Took a wild guess. Unfortunately, I was right.” You frowned at him. He just replied with a tired smile and a slight nod. Suddenly, you heard the door start to open. As quickly as you possibly could, you hid in the dark corner of the ship hoping that whoever was opening the hatch, was either on Jobi Nuts, or couldn’t see you.

You were surprised to see that it was Octavia. You smiled at the fond memory you had of her but couldn’t help to wonder why she was here. She did not seem like she ate the Jobi Nuts. Finally, Lincoln looked in your direction and spoke.

“It’s ok Y/N. She’s here to help.”

Confused, Octavia looked in the direction that Lincoln had spoken to. When you slowly revealed yourself, her eyes widened. What happened next was hardly what you had expected. She rushed to you with a huge smiled and hugged you tightly. You had stiffened at first, but then relaxed and returned the gesture.

“I’ve missed you.” She said with a smile.

“I’ve missed you too.” You returned the smile and nodded to her. Meanwhile, Lincoln watched your exchange with Octavia in disbelief and shook his head.

“Wait how do you two know each other?” He asked curiously.

You laughed. “I’ll tell you later. It’s time to go. Like now.” You said quickly, looking from Octavia to Lincoln.

While you and Octavia were taking the chains off of Lincoln, he finally asked, “What about the rest of the kids down there? They’ll never let us go.”

Before you could answer, Octavia did. “They’re all totally bombed right now. I think it’s the nuts everybody has been eating.”

“Jobi Nuts?” Lincoln asked, looking at you as you smiled and nodded.

Before we started climbing down the ladder, you were surprised to see Lincoln turn and kiss Octavia passionately. You giggled at the dazed state, it left Octavia in and called up a warning for Lincoln to hurry. When he met you on the ground, he took this perfect moment to tease him.

“I see why you had a sudden interest in the Sky People now.” You said with a smirk as you nudged his side.

“Shut your mouth.” He laughed and shook his head. You had to have him lean on you for the extra support because of how weak he was. ‘What did they do to him?’ You thought. As you two exited the dropship you were happy to see that the kids were still hallucinating off the Jobi Nuts. Walking a few more steps off the dropship, you two were met by the boy with long hair that always seemed to be with Clarke. You had forgotten his name but froze in fear when he looked at you and Lincoln. You could tell that he did not partake of the Jobi Nuts but all he did was nod at you and turned around. Although surprised and curious of why he did that, you did not waste any more time to escape. You needed to ensure Lincoln’s safety first.

While making your way through the woods, and back to Lincoln’s cave, you finally noticed that you did not see Bellamy or Clarke in camp. You pushed these thoughts aside as you caught sight of the opening of Lincoln’s cave. Once inside, you quickly sat him down and inspected his wounds. Every time you would wipe a cut clean, he would wince and pout at you like a child.

“Hold still, crybaby.” You said as you turned his face back to you.

“Thanks for the concern, Mother.” He said, mocking you the last time you two were in here with one checking the others wounds.

While cleaning the rest of his wounds, you two sat in silence. You finally decided to break the silence when you came over a few gashes on his abdomen.

“What happened to you, Linc?” You asked quietly, tracing the gashes with a clean, wet cloth. Due to his silence, you looked up and were met with the sad eyes of a stranger. You’ve never known Lincoln to ever look this sad or tired. You took this as a hesitation from him and encouraged him to tell you.

“It’s ok. You can trust me. Plus as your hero, my reward shall be the whole story of what happened to you. What did they do to you?”

He scoffed. “I thought heroes get kisses from the victims they had just rescued?” He asked sarcastically with a raised brow.

“Well it seems like Octavia beat me to it. I do require the story though.” You answered back with the same sarcastic tone. With this, Lincoln had finally opened up to you and told you of all the horrific things done to him. As his summary of went on in the past day came to a conclusion, you sat there in disbelief. You do not remember the Sky People ever being this viscous towards you during your imprisonment. You had to know who was responsible for this.

“Who did it?” You asked staring at the ground.


“Who did this to you? Who was the inflicter?” You asked slowly, now staring into his eyes.

His eyes changed. They were shadowed with sadness, anger, and pain. “The brother of Octavia.” He said harshly.

“Be-Bellamy?” You stuttered, not believing what you had heard.

“Yes.” He said quietly. Hearing this, you just continued staring at the ground, saddened by the news you were just given. Bellamy, the boy you were so taken by, had done this to your friend. Your brother. Your people. You sat there, breathing heavily with rage.

“Hey Y/N. You never told me how you and Octavia already knew each other. And how you know Bellamy.” He told you softly, noticing your sudden burst of anger.

As you were telling of your first “trip” to the Sky People, Lincoln was listening intently with a few nods and a few laughs. When you finished your story, he smirked at you. Confused as to what in the hell he was smirking about, you asked him. His reply caught you completely off guard.

“I can see why you came back so happy. I wonder what else you and Bellamy did while you guys were alone.” His comment made you blush a very bright red which only made him smirk more and laugh.

“Why didn’t you tell me what really happened to you in the first place?” He asked seriously.

“I was embarrassed that I got caught” you sighed. He just laughed at your stubbornness and got up. He finally pulled you in for a tight hug before saying, “Thank you.”

You returned the hug and nodded back in acknowledgment of his appreciation.

“You should get some sleep. You’ve had a rough few days.” You smiled and made your way to your own tent for some sleep. Before going to sleep, you found yourself thinking of Bellamy. You felt betrayed. You knew it was ridiculous but you couldn’t help it. You were angry at him. This anger that you felt towards Bellamy kept you awake as you pictured the cruel things he had done to your friend.

——-couple days later: daytime———

Because of Lincoln still recovering from his wounds, he couldn’t go out and get the things he needed to make medicine and food for the people in your village. You had taken the liberty of acquiring these ingredients for him. It took you some persuading for him to even considering letting you out alone, after all that has happened, but due to your threats of feeding him Jobi Nuts and making him believe he was on fire, he quickly made you a list of what to get.

Equipped with your bow, arrows and knife, you set off to find everything that Lincoln needed. About 20 minutes into your search, you heard rustling behind you. You quickly turned with your bow and arrow in hand and scanned the area. Everything was still and this made you more anxious. You heard twigs snapping behind you and turned quickly, only to be met by that same boy that took your breath away at first glance.

“Bellamy..” You let out in a small voice.

He smiled at you with his hands up. You couldn’t help but lower your bow and sort of gawk at him. He laughed at your reaction and rushed to hug you. Before you knew it, you were completely lost in his scent. His arms carried you away to another place. When you returned the gesture so quickly he finally said, “I knew we would meet again.”

It was at this moment that you realized you were in the arms of the man who had caused Lincoln pain. The man that tortured your friend. He was the reason you were out here. Lincoln couldn’t do this himself, because of him. You quickly pushed Bellamy away with a hard shoved. You answered his confused look with such malice that even you were surprised.

“You monster. You-you hurt Lincoln. You tortured him. Beat him.” You screamed, slowly distancing yourself from him.

His eyes filled with sadness and regret as soon as you confronted him. However, his emotion soon changed to anger as he barked back at you.

“He kidnapped my sister!”

“HE SAVED HER!!” You barked back in disbelief.

“Well maybe he should keep his dirty, Grounder hands off my little sister!” He shook with rage taking a few steps toward you.

You were taken aback at what he said and took a few steps back, keeping the distance between you too.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t come any closer. I wouldn’t want to corrupt you with these ‘dirty, Grounder hands’.” You spat out.

You could tell he had just realized what he had said to you. His eyes once again filled with regret and sadness. He reached out to you.

“Y/N, I…” He spoke softly. He shook his head as he became speechless at his own words. You had kept an angry stare with the ground. Crying shows weakness. You didn’t want to show any weakness. Especially in front of this boy. The silence was soon interrupted by the shouts of other kids looking for Bellamy. You took that as your cue to leave. You shook your head and looked at him with disgust before turning and disappearing back into the forest.

You left him there hopelessly staring after you, regretting everything he said. ____________________________________ WHOOO what an ass right? Lol I wonder what will happen next ;) I don’t know if I like this part lol

I finally watched Spacetime yesterday night, and I can’t stop thinking about what must have happened after the episode ended. Because remember, Daisy was the only one without a comm, and she went up to the roof to what everyone thought would be her death.

So imagine Lincoln waking up on the hallway’s floor – he’s hurting all over and clearly concussed and he can barely stand, but his first thought is for Daisy and oh my God, so he rushes to the roof (more like wobbles, technically, but he does it as fast as he can, okay?). Well, as soon as he arrivers there, he sees Coulson crouching beside – oh no oh no that’s Daisy lying on the ground that’s Daisy’s body – and then Coulson’s hands are on his shoulders and he’s repeating “she’s okay, Lincoln, she’s not dead, just hurt, she will be fine” over and over, and Lincoln ends up sitting on the concrete, unable to let go of Daisy’s hand, not knowing if his vision is blurry because of the concussion or the tears.

Now imagine Coulson sitting on the plane on the way back to the Playground – Medical took Daisy and Lincoln, they’re patching them up, and they assured Phil it was fine, that she’ll regain consciousness soon, but Phil can’t stop the memories of Ian Quinn’s villa and the phantom feeling of Skye’s blood on his hands (for God’s sake, Skye, come home). And that’s not even starting to consider the fact that he agreed to send her up on the roof to meet her death, just because he was too concerned with reaching Ward – and yes, he knows that it was her choice as well, but he can’t stop thinking that maybe she’d have stopped if he ordered, and that he should have tried anyway, but he didn’t. (He can feel Fitz and Simmons staring at him. They tried to suggest that he go with Daisy, but Lincoln is with her now, and it’s okay, that isn’t Phil’s place anymore. He just has to make peace with that.) So he sits, waits for the plane to take them home, and tries to hide the way his hands are shaking.

And then, when they get back to the Playground, they find Melinda waiting for them in the hangar. “How’s Daisy,” is the first thing she says – “Fine,” Phil answers, “she will be okay. How’s –” Andrew, he wants to say, but he sees the look in Melinda’s eyes, and his voice falters. “Lash is in the containment module,” she says, and Phil nods, and hates himself for being unable to do anything, for not even thinking about Andrew until they touched down because he was too concerned with Daisy and himself. “May –” he tries, but Melinda just shakes her head and walks away. Phil knows when it’s his place to stop her, and this time, it isn’t.

So he does what he’s supposed to do – he calls everyone for debriefing in his office, no matter the fact that at the moment “everyone” means FitzSimmons and May, because everyone else is either in Medical or gone for good. It feels unsettingly like telling the family that something bad happened, and the look on Fitz’s face when Simmons keeps apologizing for the vaccine not working makes Phil’s heart ache all over again.

He asks May to stay behind after debriefing. He doesn’t know if he’s supposed to do that, but he would hate himself too much if he didn’t.

“How are you?” she says, before he can ask the same.

“Fine,” he answers. “You?”


“Do you want me to stay?”

She hesitates, and Phil thinks she’ll say no, but she nods, so he stays. He doesn’t touch her, but he rests his hand on the tabletop between them, a silent offer.

They sit side by side in silence for a while. It takes a few minutes for Melinda to take Phil’s hand, but when she does, she doesn’t let go for a long time.

I keep hearing people say that Cl/xa and L/xa saved the show and I’m honestly really tired of it. I’m beginning to suspect that people don’t understand how to actually read ratings. 

Here’s the deal: If you see an increase or a decrease in the viewership ratings for an Episode, you don’t look at the content of that Episode, you look at the content of the Episode before it. Final viewership numbers are the total number of viewers over the course of 7 days, they include Same Day Viewers, 3 Day Viewers, and 7 Day Viewers. 

With that in mind we begin our nearly episode by episode analysis of all three Season of The 100 and determine what actually keeps this show on the air. It’s long (over 6,000 words) so I’ve put it under the cut:

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The 100 S02E12 Recap - Rubicon
  • Soldier: <chokes>
  • Vampire: need a hand?
  • Soldier: thnx I-
  • Soldier: Edward?
  • Soldier: Edward Cullen?
  • Soldier: how can you be in the sun
  • Soldier: why aren't you sparkling
  • <awesome theme song>
  • <kiddy camp>
  • Jasper: but Bald Eagle said we could go
  • Doctor: sry but he's flown the coop
  • Jasper: no
  • Doctor: yes
  • <base camp>
  • Clarke: so, uhh
  • Clarke: I haven't been waiting outside all night or anything but
  • Clarke: how's Bellamy
  • Raven: Clarke you asked five minutes ago
  • Raven: and five minutes before that
  • Raven: and before that
  • Bellamy: and before that
  • Clarke: oh hey
  • Bellamy: hey
  • Bellamy: our friends are getting their spines emptied
  • <enters another room>
  • Clarke: so Kane
  • Clarke: wanna go to Tan DC?
  • Kane: well, no, I-
  • Clarke: good. you leave in the morning.
  • Kane: :/
  • Abby: btw Jaha bounced
  • Kane: shucks
  • Kane: whatever will we do without him
  • Kane: lol
  • <somewhere in the desert>
  • Man: sir, do you recognize anything?
  • Jaha: ...
  • Jaha: I'm gonna pretend you didn't just ask me that
  • Jaha: in the middle of the fucking desert
  • Jaha: where everything is sand
  • Jaha: the same colored sand
  • <encounter Emori>
  • Murphy: hey
  • Murphy: this idiot grin on my face doesn't mean anything, I swear
  • <in the vents>
  • Bellamy: which way do I-
  • Bellamy: oh
  • Bellamy: nvm
  • Bellamy: the sweet sound of bone saw
  • Bellamy: it beckons
  • Bellamy: ...
  • Bellamy: hey Clarke?
  • Clarke: ...yeah?
  • Bellamy: ...
  • Bellamy: think you can stop a missile?
  • <Tan DC>
  • Indra: you gotta getcha head in the game
  • <desert>
  • Murphy: wanna be outcast buddies?
  • Emori: ...
  • Murphy: no seriously
  • Murphy: why u here
  • Emori: why U here
  • Murphy: ...
  • Murphy: okay, on three
  • Murphy: one
  • Murphy: two
  • Murphy: three
  • Murphy: I killed ppl
  • Emori: I have a mandrake hand
  • Murphy: plz don't hate me
  • Murphy: wait what
  • Emori: told you mine was worse
  • Murphy: wait no
  • Murphy: it's kinda cute
  • <camp kiddy>
  • Bellamy: u suck at fighting
  • Bellamy: here's a gun
  • Jasper: yay
  • <white room>
  • Bellamy: sup
  • Bald Eagle: who r u
  • Bald Eagle: ur too sexy to be one of mine
  • Bellamy: I'm with Clarke
  • Bald Eagle: uhh
  • Bald Eagle: well
  • Bald Eagle: I kinda tripled the defenses b/c of your gf
  • Bald Eagle: funny how that goes
  • <approaching grounder camp>
  • Soldier: time to blow you guys outta the sky
  • Lexa: okie dokie
  • Clarke: uh
  • Clarke: I am not comfortable with this
  • <desert>
  • Emori: sorry Murphy
  • Emori: we be stealing your supplies
  • Murphy: aw
  • <tunnels>
  • Raven: how's it going
  • Bellamy: decent
  • Bellamy: really hope I can stop that missile on time
  • Raven: you'd better
  • Raven: unless you wanna be an only child
  • Bellamy: ...
  • Bellamy: yeah that would be-
  • Bellamy: wait what
  • Raven: shit
  • <somewhere in the woods>
  • Octavia: Lincoln plz
  • Octavia: fight or go to rehab
  • Octavia: ur choice
  • Lincoln: ...
  • Lincoln: well, rehab would be ni-
  • Octavia: rehab is death
  • Lincoln: oh
  • <night desert>
  • Jaha: John wake the fuck up
  • <Mount Weather command center>
  • Vampire: ready set fire
  • <grounder camp>
  • Lexa: Clarke move your ass
  • Clarke: no I gotta save my mom
  • Abby: daughter I'm fine
  • Abby: I'm chancellor and know more than you
  • Abby: even though I know nothing about the missile
  • Abby: I know more than you
  • Abby: so I'ma stay here
  • Abby: and blow up
  • Clarke: ...
  • Clarke: jfc
  • <boom>
  • Clarke: I'm sorry
  • Clarke: we had to protect Bellamy
  • Abby: you just let hundreds of innocent ppl die
  • Abby: gg
  • <Mount Weather>
  • Jasper: I have a gun and I will protect you all against their dozens of guns
  • Jasper: oops
  • Jasper: guess I never really liked my marrow anyways
  • Doctor: I'm melting
  • Jasper: sux
  • <white room>
  • Vampire: dad
  • Vampire: why can't u just let me do what I want
  • Vampire: like bomb ppl
  • Vampire: and bleed their marrow
  • Vampire: and take over the world
  • <land of fire>
  • Octavia: well damn
  • Octavia: Clarke u done goofed
As If By Magic (You're The Only Home I Know)

@tierannasaurusrex replied to my request for spooky prompts with “GROUNDER BELLAMY + WITCH CLARKE PLSSSS” and then this happened. It is neither what I expected nor what I planned, but I’m still fond of it.

[AO3] [FFN]

The witch falls from the stars when Bellamy is ten and Octavia is four, and for a witch, she’s not very impressive. 

For one thing, she’s tiny, barely older than Octavia, and for another, though she speaks their warrior’s language, she pronounces the words with a lisp. 

Bellamy’s the one who finds her, when he’s playing in the woods with Lincoln. They hear the crash, smell the strange burning scent, and follow it through the woods to find a big metal box half-in and half-out of the creek.

There’s a window of sorts, and Lincoln and Bellamy jostle each other, trying to be the first to peek through the thick, warped glass. 

“It’s a girl,” Lincoln says.

“Shut up,” Bellamy says, and cautiously presses closer to the hot metal. “It is not.”

And he’s right. It’s not a girl, because just as he’s looking at her, taking in her little face, the blood trickling from her temple, her eyes snap open.

Her irises grow bright silver and she looks straight at him.

When he and Lincoln wake up, they’re a good twenty feet away from the box, and the witch is crouched next to them. Her eyes, blue now, plain blue, are fixed on him while he pushes himself to a sitting position, eyeing her warily. 

“You scared me,” she says primly, but the ‘r’ in scared sounds more like a ‘w.’ “I didn’t mean to.”

Bellamy sighs. He’s good with English, and he’s been taking lessons, but when he replies, the words come to mind and out of his mouth almost too quickly. 

Almost magically.

“Just don’t do it again, okay?” 

“Okay,” she agrees, and stretches out her hand to help him to his feet. He takes it, and her palm is soft and pale in his, and his hand suddenly feels like it’s been dead asleep, and is coming back to life again all at once. 

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It’s All Connected

niahbwriting tagged me in a screenshot earlier of an article she read about TWD’s “Most Shocking Deaths of Season 5″ and surprisingly, very surprisingly, Beth was not on the list. Let me just repeat that…the character with the worst written death in the entire show (yes, I said it and I’m more than happy to explain why I think so in more detail for anyone who would like to know) was not on the list. The little blonde who both Gimple and GN have stated is “dead” without actually using the four letter word. The funny thing is, that article actually had me thinking. 

It’s all connected. Everything that TPTB have fed us. From Beth’s badly written death, Emmy’s interview on The Talking Dead episode after “Coda” and RK’s not-so-subtle thumbs up, the ASZ tour, the fact that no one both on and off screen has actually said “Beth is dead”, the sunrise and the music box restarting in 5x10 only after Aaron says “I have some good news”, the fact that before Season 5 even started GN told us that the clocks were something that we had to paid attention to (something that they’ve only just told us to pay attention to despite using clocks in previous series), the scars that match those of Andrea in the comics, even Emmy’s tweet about wishing the cast a great “start” of Season 6 filming. It’s adding up. 

I don’t really know why it’s taken so long for me to realise it, but as I sit here writing this meta I’m connecting the dots. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that the way Gimple has handled Beth’s “death” was pretty bad. But I gotta give the man credit, he’s pretty clever. Beth is his baby, a character he created specifically for the show and I don’t believe he’s finished with her at all. He’s just lead us to believe that he is. Why? Here’s why…

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