Things you never knew about 19th century American letters

Thomas Jefferson maintained a flock of geese to supply him with quills for his pens, the first transatlantic telegram sent by the U.S. Secretary of State cost the State department $19,540, and Abraham Lincoln received at least one threatening letter every day of his presidency.
Do you want more fun facts about letter writing in the 19th century? We’ve got you covered.

Image: Public domain via Pixabay.

Lincoln is UNLOCKED!  

“I appreciate ALL superpowers, but fire fists are the COOLEST POWER EVER!”

Lincoln borrowed Dipper’s gnome bracelets from the Gravity Falls 3DS game. See? I hinted that I will make a reference with Linc’s power. All right! My Super Loud series is done! Now I can think of more fun fan arts. Thank you all for liking my work, my peepers! 

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