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Taylor Swift is in the middle of a massive 99-date world tour, but she’s still managed to squeeze in a lot of him to her newest passion: American history. ‘I just read a 900-page book called The Kennedy Women, which dates back to the lineage of the first Kennedys coming from Ireland in the 1800s,’ Swift says in the new issue of Rolling Stone, on sale tomorrow. 'This morning I bought books about John Adams, Lincoln’s Cabinet, the Founding Fathers and Ellis Island.’

During downtime from her tour she even attempted to visit the New York Historical Society. “But it was closed,” she says. 'I almost cried.’ Instead, she went to the Museum of Natural History.  'We saw the dinosaurs and stuff,’ she says.  'Which was a close second.’

—  Taylor Swift Reveals Newfound Obsession With American History (X)
  • Lincoln: Emancipation
  • Rest of cabinet: Uh oh...
  • Seward: What a wonderful phrase!
  • Lincoln: Emancipation
  • Seward: Ain't no passing craze!
  • Rest of cabinet: not again
  • Lincoln: It means no slavery
  • Seward: For the rest of our dayyyyyys
  • Lincoln and Seward: IT'S OUR BONDAGE FREEEEEE
  • Lincoln and Seward: PHILOSOPHYYYYYY
  • Lincoln: *whispers* emancipation
  • Rest of cabinet: Every. Fucking. Time.

So, the topic of the week appears to be the Presidential election of 2016 and how Presidents behaved themselves years before they even considered the Presidency.

Special viewpoint on how they treated women.

Y’all remember that scene from the 2012 “Lincoln” movie?

When Abraham Lincoln related to his cabinet the story of a woman who had whacked her abusive husband to death with a piece of firewood?

Remember how damn well pleased Abraham Lincoln looked when he told his cabinet how he got the woman off the hook?

Too good to be true?
Nah, that story is 100% fact.

Today, October 10, in 1857 a woman named Melissa Goings mysteriously disappeared from court where she was accused of murdering her husband, who apparently had mistreated her for many years.

According to the coroner’s report (see below), Roswell Goings was struck to death with a piece of firewood in April of 1857 and his widow Melissa was charged with murdering her husband.

As the coroner established, Roswell indeed had died after being struck with a piece of wood; Melissa was indicted for murder, and the court set bail at $1,000. 
Goings retained Lincoln and pleaded not guilty because of the cruelties she had to endure while the marriage lasted.

After failing to appear in court on the day set, the bailiff in the case, Robert T. Cassell, accused Lincoln of encouraging Goings to leave the state, and Lincoln purportedly responded:

“She wanted to know where she could get a good drink of water, and I told her there was mighty good water in Tennessee.”

Melissa Goings was subpoenaed to appear on the next day but she was never found, and the state’s attorney later moved that the case be stricken from the docket.

The only thing struck from the movie is the fact that Melissa Goings never ended up in Tennessee - according to Woodford County deed records, Goings ultimately settled in California.

There are 33 court records to sift through - I encourage everyone who doubts that story to do so!


Don’t Forget William H. Seward:

The infamous night of April 14th 1865 saw more than one victim. While President Abraham Lincoln, recently elected to his second term, was mortally wounded by John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theater, another conspirator in the assassination plot, Lewis Powell, made his way across town to the home of Secretary of State William Henry Seward, in bed recovering from a fractured jaw and shoulder:

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