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prison break |   iconic quotes (the comedy edition)

100 reasons to watch The 100

1. That BC scenery

2. Seeing people experience rain for the first time it’s so cute

3. Octavia’s goddess-like hair in the first season

4. Bellamy Blake’s half smile

5. Monty’s expert clap backs

6. They all get high off hallucinogenic nuts


8. trees and mountains and nature

9. Badass women

10. Raven saving the day, agin , again, and again

11. Monty putting up with people’s shit


13. Miller. Just Miller in general

14. Murphy’s sarcastic comments

15. P.A.I.N

16. Long speeches about survival

17. “Nothing like a little pain to remind you you’re alive”

18. Watch Raven save everybody and continue to be the most badass woman while getting fucked over by everyone and by Jrat again and again and again

19. “I can make it go boom”

20. Clarke’s pretty drawings

21. Bellamy’s character development

22. The Blakes.

23. Wells.

24. Monty’s wink

25. Monty and Jasper’s high five

26. You’ll go damn when Anya and Clarke jump off a dam

27. Bellarke development

28. “Together”

29. “I can’t lose you too”

30. “Love is weakness”

31. Clexa

32. Clexa (cus they were fucking amazing)

33. Finn pulling Clarke into the water

34. “I am become death, destroyer of worlds”

35. Everybody gets super sick

36. Murphy you creepy mother fucker

37. Murphy you amazing mother fucker

38. Uh oh Finn gone crazy

39. Pew pew! Bang bang!

40. A series of misunderstandings between grounders and sky people


42. “Who we are, and who we need to be to survive, are very different things”

43. ALIE’s mansion

44. Murphy dancing around and drinking such a babe

45. Fuck jaha

46. “You always did what you had to do to protect your sister, that’s who you are!”



49. Two headed dear


51. Linctavia being amazing

52. Bellarke flirting

53. They’re so busy fighting and surviving to take two minutes to wash their faces

54. Jasper’s goggles

55. Anya’s badass dead stare

56. “What happened?” “I happened”

57. Raven experiencing earth for the first time

58. Every mention of princess

59. “Maybe you’re forgetting the last time you were saving us, I WAS SAVING YOU!”

60. Richard Harmons acting

61. You get to watch the blooper reels at the end of every season

62. “Maybe life should be about more than just surviving

63. So many beautiful people

64. Bellarke shit

65. Revisiting the dropship seasons later

66. drunk Jasper

67. Those few times clarke ever smiles

68. Lexa twirling her knife

69. The Kane and Indra friendship

70. Bellamy Blake and his guns

71. Bellamy Blake and his GUNS (y'all know what I’m talking about)

72. “What’s wrong with a little chaos?”

73. Every bellarke hug

74. Monty and Jasper eating chocolate cake for the first time

75. Maya showing Jasper paintings

76. Emori shutting up those shitheads in the city of light when they told her she could fix her deformities, and she’s like “I’d fixed something if there was anything wrong with me”


78. Bellamy Blake adopting every child he sees

79. Lindsey Morgan

80. Candles somehow being lit at romantic times??

90. How does Clarke keep saving the world with her hair down like that??

91. Bellamy’s hair flips

92. Indra is a goddess. The goddess.

93. The delinquents listening to music as they drive around

94. Clarke somehow knowing how to drive the rover despite never being around when it was in use??

95. “If I’m on that list, you’re on that list”

96. Kane’s dad talks

97. Anya biting the fucking chip out of her fucking arm like the biggest badass to ever live

98. “I give myself to the miracle of the sea”

99. Luna is the miracle of the sea

100. “In peace, may you leave this shore. In love, may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels, until our final journey to the ground… May we meet again.”

Yeah, the ship's in a flux. But here, have some Bellamy fluff.

 nathenmillerthinking about bellamy blake with tattoos gives me life tbh

(me too. meeee toooooooooo. this wasn’t a prompt but i made it into one anyway. because bellamy with tattoos is everything that I want for him by season 4.)

Things Invisible To See

He gets the first mark on his wrist: a snake that’s almost an Ouroboros, but for the curling, twisting tail. A month later the snake’s tail becomes a tree-trunk, with fanning branches and leaves that fall as rain across the tendons of his hand.

“What is that, like, Yggdrasil?” asks Monroe, and so she’s startled when he beams at her that she almost drops her plate of onions.

When Bellamy presents his palms to Miller—with a poem by John Donne translated into Trigedasleng marks that spill down his fingers—the younger man laughs. They both know Bellamy won’t be able to use his hands for a week.

“You fucking nerd, now you’ll have to actually attend those meetings Clarke wants you for.”  Miller’s snigger bounces around the tent and Bellamy gives him the middle finger (Every man is a piece of the continent, A part of the main) before rewrapping his bandages.

Four years on the ground finds him lying under the clouds on a plank of red mulberry while Clarke and Lincoln hover over his chest like a pair of  mismatched birds.  In the corner of his eye there are ink pots and an open flame, boiling water and the wafting stink of chemicals.

“You’re lucky I love you,” Bellamy says as Clarke repeatedly pokes him in the sternum with a short ceramic pin.

“I could’ve had Adonna do this. I saved her granddaughter, so I know she likes me.  But out of the generosity of my heart I’m letting you two hack amateurs—”  Lincoln accepts the tool from Clarke to make a new row of micro incisions, and he’s considerably less friendly about it, “—stab me with a needle that you haven’t cleaned once in the last ten minutes.”

While he complains, the sun slips out from behind a cloud, and he squints to see them in the sudden blaze.

“Shut up Bellamy,” says his wife, “We’re making art.”


      Favorite Performances

Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds, Marion Cotillard, La Môme, Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club, Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump, Russell Crowe, Gladiator, Bradley Cooper, Silver Linings Playbook, Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln, Casey Affleck, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad, Sally Field, Lincoln, Hugh Jackman, Les Misérables, James McAvoy, Atonement, Rooney Mara, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Vivien Leigh, Gone With the Wind, Leonardo DiCaprio, Django Unchained, Joaquin Phoenix, Gladiator, Natalie Portman, Black Swan.

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Because that is a very important question: What would drunk Murphy involve? :)

Very, very important indeed also sorry for the shameless Murphamy it just happened

  • He won’t overtly look for a fight but the second there’s a hint of one he’s in there
  • Becoming overly touchy with a certain freckle face everyone
  • “Miller, tell me I’m beautiful.” “You’re too beautiful. It hurts to look at you.”
  • “Harper, tell me I’m beautiful.” “You’re a slimy toad.” “But a cute one right?” “Maybe.”
  • “Murphy, no. I wouldn’t even give you my sword if you were sober.” “Fucking rude, mini Blake.”
  • Singing every last Queen song he’s ever heard
  • “Wait, what did he fall off?” “Monty’s moonshine tank.” “Again, Murphy?” “Princess, just put a band aid on it’s fine.”
  • Begging Raven for fireworks, then daring her to do whiskey trains with him till she caves
  • Clarke: “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?”, Jasper: “MONTY LOOK THE SKY IS EXPLODING!”, Abby: “EXPLOSION? RAVEN!” Bellamy: “WHERE IS MURPHY?!”, Octavia:”Wait Bell, what?
  • Getting a piggyback from Finn and spending the whole time with his hands buried in Finn’s soft hair
  • Bellamy is not happy about that one
  • Asking Lincoln for a tattoo and Clarke has to intervene last minute
  • “I am not dealing with him crying and/or bleeding anymore then I already have to tonight.”
  • Jasper and Monty spend a solid ten minutes watching him blow smoke rings in awe
  • “No, really. Your eyes are almost the exact same blue as the City of Light panels.” “I…um.”
  • “Bryan, go find Miller.” “Bellamy, I am having a conversation with Farm station, fuck off.” “That’s enough. Bryan, go.” “Going, going.”
  • He goes from “I am the best fucking human being alive” to “I break every last fucking thing I touch” too easily
  • Lying across Niylah and Emori’s laps so they can braid his hair and scratch his back to calm him down
  • “Bed time.” “Noooooo.” “I’ll get Bellamy to take you.” “Yeeeeeees.”
  • Waking up the next morning with his clothes all torn and overstretched and strewn around Bellamy’s room

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(not even relevant but brb while I watch this for hours)

send me in a “what would _____ involve?

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Mom, do you really like my Baberaham Lincoln tattoo?? I'm so nervous to show you when you're in London :)

It’s brilliant! I love it, not only cause it’s of me, but because it’s a great tattoo in general. I can’t wait to meet you!