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So last year, I had APUSH. If you don’t know what that stands for, it stands for Advanced Placement United Stated History. Advanced Placement, or AP for short, is a fancy term for a class that is considered college level.

I had a bunch of friends in that class, and on top of all that, I also had an amazing teacher. Probably one of the best teachers I have ever had. Her name was Mrs. Lamountain, and we are very similar in a lot of ways.

This includes our love for the Civil War.

I saw these Abraham Lincoln bandages here on Tumblr one day, and I’m like “These can’t be real. They probably don’t exist.” I told my teacher about them, and she told me jokingly, “If you ever find these, you need to tell me where to find them, because I want them really bad now!”

Time goes by, and I was with my friend oldfashionedlizard, and we’re at this store about 25 minutes away from where I live. He was looking at the books or the DVDs or some shit like that, and I’m just looking at the food because let’s face it, food is my lifetime friend.

I’m walking by the novelty items when I look down and see a container. I pick it up. Sure enough…it’s the Abraham Lincoln bandages.

I kinda lost my shit in the middle of the store, and I rush to the counter to buy all that they had left (two packages, one for me, and one for my teacher).

The next day, I walk into class and coincidentally, my teacher gets a paper cut. I walk up to her, and in the smoothest way possible, hand her the package, and say “I will heal your wounds as I healed a nation.”

To this day, she still has them.

I don’t know why he keep blessing me…

I’m still on a bit of a high from yesterday. It was a really good day. School went well. We had a pep rally in honor of being the LPS high school with the most visitors to UNL. Marlin, one of our staff and a North Star grad, strolled with her sisters from Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority, Inc. The students loved it! An Admissions counselor who was also a North Star grad spoke to the crowd for a bit. The students loved it and it was so good for them to see positive examples of life after graduation.

Our school is over 40% people of color. 50% free or reduced lunch. We have high mobility rates as well as high mental health and family support needs. It was good for them to see that college is possible. And I got to rep my letters, which doesn’t happen much at work.

On top of that I had the privilege of being a part of DIVAs Day In. This is an event our chapter holds every year to build relationships among all the women on campus. It was awesome. We talked about our perceptions as women of color on a PWI campus, stereotypes we hold against ourselves and our men, and my favorite part, our dreams and passions. It was truly inspiring. I loved hearing how each person in some way expressed a desire to give back to other girls, people of color, and people in general.

Now I know why he keep blessing me…

This is the stuff that gets me excited. Getting to be surrounded around the things you’re passionate about is reinvigorating. It reminds you why you get up every morning and do what you do, even on the days when you just want to lay in bed.

God continually reminds me that I have work to do. I honestly feel called to help people find what they’re passionate about. I feel called to help people realize that we’re bigger than our present situations. Events like the pep rally and DIVAs Day In are amazing but I have to remind myself that everyday interactions are what make up character. I have to walk the walk, if I’m going to talk the talk because people are watching.


This was really fun and our students really enjoyed it! Go Gators!