lincoln highschool

You can have anything you want - if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be, do anything you set out to accomplish if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose.
—  Abraham Lincoln



NAME: lincoln abraham
AGE: twenty four 
YEAR: senior
MAJOR: physiology


losing a parent isn’t easy. losing both is harder. especially in your early teens; when everything’s confusing enough already. at just thirteen lincoln was sent to live with his aunt in america, making the move from a small town in england ( keeping his accent, of course ); indra taking him in ( of course ), but lincoln having to find his independence. unable to simply rely on her. not when she worked long hours; every day of the week. trying to support her daughter, gaia, and now lincoln. it wasn’t the worst upbringing. but as soon as lincoln graduated highschool, he was off to college. on a football scholarship; and groundview was his first choice, thankful that they wanted him as both a football player and a student.

he decided to take on a physiology major; hoping to become a sport physiologist ( and a personal trainer ), and somehow he’s become rather good at balancing work, his social life, and his position as captain AND quarterback of the school’s football team. leading them through championship after championship. undefeated in the three previous years; lincoln hoping that he graduates with a win ( and good grades too ).

a bit of a party animal; but not ever pushing it too far. though he has a tendency to slip into isolation / abuse his alcohol when it comes to significant dates for his family. his mother’s birthday, father’s birthday, and the day of their death. 


@madefighter : work-out buddy & best friend. often found together in the gym, drinking protein shakes, pushing each other. and laying on the beach together to keep a nice tan of course.

@strisis : the cute freshmen on campus who he caught stuck in the rain, giving her his umbrella and a jumper. but leaving her with them both so she just had to plan a lunch-date to see him and return them.

@amongthcwreck​ : met in their first year at college, falling into some of the same classes and getting to talking, winding up as roommates and growing close throughout the entirety of their college career. 

@notreallyablackwell : the person he turns to when things become particularly sore regarding the loss of his parents. spending their birthdays and as many holidays as he can with diana to try and soften the hurt that comes with not having his family with him. but mostly one of his best friends when he’s not struggling with that.

@seesgood : they had a fling when she was a freshman and him a sophmore; but things just worked out BETTER as friends. now? he’s over-protective of her. like a big brother. always looking out for her; always enjoying her company. and loves taking her out for her favourite hot chocolate ( or a milkshake in the summer ) and letting her talk about whatever she pleases.

@anditsxsorrows : they’ve known each other long before college; friends over in england through their first years of elementary school; though lost touch for a while upon lincoln’s move to america after his parents’ death; though reunited in college out of coincidence. the real definition of bros, and the person that can always bring lincoln back to a good place ( mostly in regards to his mood ).

@triedtobcgood : the saviour when he hurts himself. which is a lot. whether it’s in training, in a game, or off the field. and much cheaper than going to a doctor or a physio. he happily repays her in food, groceries, presents and alcohol. whatever it is that she needs that week.