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U.S. Presidents, youngest picture and oldest picture compared:

16) Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865): 1840s and 1865

17) Andrew Johnson (1808-1875): date unknown and 1868

18) Ulysses S Grant (1822-1885): 1843 and 1885

19) Rutherford B. Hayes (1822-1893): date unknown and 1880

20) James A. Garfield (1831-1881): 1848 and taken between 1870-1880

Presidents: #1-5, #6-10, #11-15

List of Presidential cats

* Tabby, Dixie - Abraham Lincoln
* Piccolomini, Siam, Miss Pussy - Rutherford B. Hayes
* Valeriano Weyler, Enrique DeLome - William McKinley
* Tom Quartz, Slippers - Theodore Roosevelt
* Puffins - Woodrow Wilson
* Smoky (bobcat), Tiger (house cat), Tax Reduction, Budget Bureau (lion cubs) - Calvin Coolidge
* Tom Kitten - John F. Kennedy
* Shan - Gerald Ford
* Misty Malarky Ying Yang - Jimmy Carter
* Socks - Bill Clinton
* India “Willie” - George W. Bush

Martin van Buren also briefly owned two tiger cubs gifted by the Sultan of Oman before Congress forced van Buren to donate them to a zoo.

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