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List of Presidential cats

* Tabby, Dixie - Abraham Lincoln
* Piccolomini, Siam, Miss Pussy - Rutherford B. Hayes
* Valeriano Weyler, Enrique DeLome - William McKinley
* Tom Quartz, Slippers - Theodore Roosevelt
* Puffins - Woodrow Wilson
* Smoky (bobcat), Tiger (house cat), Tax Reduction, Budget Bureau (lion cubs) - Calvin Coolidge
* Tom Kitten - John F. Kennedy
* Shan - Gerald Ford
* Misty Malarky Ying Yang - Jimmy Carter
* Socks - Bill Clinton
* India “Willie” - George W. Bush

Martin van Buren also briefly owned two tiger cubs gifted by the Sultan of Oman before Congress forced van Buren to donate them to a zoo.


U.S. Presidents, youngest picture and oldest picture compared:

16) Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865): 1840s and 1865

17) Andrew Johnson (1808-1875): date unknown and 1868

18) Ulysses S Grant (1822-1885): 1843 and 1885

19) Rutherford B. Hayes (1822-1893): date unknown and 1880

20) James A. Garfield (1831-1881): 1848 and taken between 1870-1880

Presidents: #1-5, #6-10, #11-15

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How many presidents have been shot at some point in their lives, not just the ones who died?

James Monroe: wounded in the Battle of Trenton during the Revolutionary War (which is where these guys were heading)
Andrew Jackson: shot by Charles Dickinson before returning fire and killing him during their 1806 duel; Jackson was also wounded in a wild shootout on the streets of Nashville with future Senator Thomas Hart Benton (who would later become a close political ally and friend) and his brother, Jesse, during the War of 1812
Abraham Lincoln: assassinated
Rutherford B. Hayes: shot and wounded numerous times in battle during the Civil War
James Garfield: assassinated
William McKinley: assassinated
Theodore Roosevelt: wounded in an assassination attempt, after leaving office, while running for another term as President in 1912
John F. Kennedy: assassinated
Ronald Reagan: wounded in an assassination attempt shortly after his inauguration in 1981

  • Son: “Why is he called Black Lightning if his lightning is blue?”
  • Father: “Well, son, he’s called Black Lightning because he used to have a giant afro and a V-necked costume. He didn’t even have lightning powers in those days; he just beat people up in the ghetto. And his real name was Jefferson Pierce, because the negroes, they like to name their children after presidents like Garfield, Lincoln, Rutherford B. Hayes and, of course, Kennedy.”

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