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I think Atomic Puppet is underrated.
The animation of the series and fluidity of the movement of the characters becomes higher than that of other current popular series (with that I do not try to disparage the other pardon if it is misunderstood ^^;)
The protagonists are fun and a great duet, with differences sometimes, but in the end they make a hero ♥
The plot goes slow but that changes von the end of the season.
You have to give the opportunity to Atomic Puppet as it gives opportunity to other series ^^
And join your fandom too! It is small in comparison to more popular fandoms but it is worth riding on it :) (sorryformybadenglish ;; ;; )


joe and patrick having fun during sugar 

Bellamy Blake Imagine: No Matter What (Sibling!Reader)

Requested by @stydiascreams

Summary: Reader is Blake’s youngest sibling. When she sees Octavia beating up Bellamy in cave after Lincoln’s death, she stops her and takes beating for him. Then he feels guilty for it, but readerreassure s him that it’s okay since she did it because she loves him.

Word Count: 880

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The atmosphere was filled with tension as everyone had image of Lincoln falling to the ground dead still in front of their eyes. I couldn’t stop thinking about it as well, not just because he was a good friend of mine, but mostly because of Octavia.

I was afraid, because I knew she was about to snap and I had no idea how bad it would be. I desperately wanted to do something to make it easier for her, but I knew there wasn’t anything I could do.

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jurassic world au [½] | “oooh, ahhh, that’s how it always starts. and then later there’s running, and…and screaming.” 

former palaeontologist doctor abigail griffin has been running the world’s most thrilling theme park for over five years. when her daughter, clarke, and clarke’s girlfriend, lexa, decide to visit, they all plan on a weekend filled with sun, rides, and dinosaurs. but a breakout of the park’s newest and first hybrid–the indominus rex–cuts the fun short, and abby must turn to the park’s resident raptor expert, marcus kane, to help get the dinosaur under control, or all of their lives could fall into grave danger.